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Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery still shines at Antipolo

The first time we ate at the Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery was a few weeks before the quarantine started last 2020.  Back then, we were still able to dine in with our daughter.  We loved the place because it successfully blends the beauty of nature, art, and food to deliver a great diningContinue reading “Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery still shines at Antipolo”

Encouraging Growth Mindset

Encouraging the Growth Mindset

“I cannot do it.” “It’s so hard.” “I give up!” We have to admit it. Even as adults, we utter those words when we are in the middle of new or challenging tasks. We feel frustrated and sometimes want to throw the towel down. We feel down, but what sets us apart is our abilityContinue reading “Encouraging the Growth Mindset”

First Day of School Printable Signs

It’s the first day of school for 2021! First off, congratulations on finishing the school year 2020-2021! I hope you and your kids had a restful school break and are ready for a new learning adventure. Last year, I started a tradition with my daughter to have her photo with the All About Me worksheet.Continue reading “First Day of School Printable Signs”

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