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Clark Island

Attractions to Check Out in Clark Land – Dinosaurs Island and Insectlandia

Calling out all parents who have dinosaur-loving kiddos, you need to check out the Dinosaurs Island in Clark Pampanga! You have probably ticked off watching the Jurassic Park movies and Camp Cretaceous and collected dinosaur toys and books off your list. Here’s another item to add to that list – Visiting Dinosaurs Island at ClarkContinue reading “Attractions to Check Out in Clark Land – Dinosaurs Island and Insectlandia”

La Vie Parisienne Blog Feature

Cebu Travel Guide: La Vie Parisienne

The sweet sight of colorful macarons lined up, a collection of wine, and a selection of cheeses and sausages welcome the guests of La Vie Parisienne. No need to travel to Europe to experience Parisian life. La Vie Parisienne wanted to enhance the overall dining experience through a stunning environment. The warm lighting, vintage furniture,Continue reading “Cebu Travel Guide: La Vie Parisienne”

Tops of Cebu and Tops Lookout Blog Feature

Cebu Travel Guide: Top of Cebu Restaurant and Tops Lookout

Looking for a place to enjoy the cool breeze of the mountain, overlooking the view of Cebu, and comforting Filipino food, then Top of Cebu Restaurant and Tops Lookout of Cebu Lookout ticks all the boxes. Top of Cebu Restaurant A must-visit restaurant in Cebu is the Top of Cebu Restaurant. Located in the townContinue reading “Cebu Travel Guide: Top of Cebu Restaurant and Tops Lookout”

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