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Mithi & Co: Re-inventing the Balikbayan Box

The Balikbayan Box is a symbol of Filipino generosity and love for gift-giving.   Over time, the balikbayan box is filled with a wide array of gifts ranging from imported clothing and housewares to canned goods and chocolates.    When the box is full, it is sent home to the Philippines for the family to enjoy. …

New Self-Care Products for Moms to Try this 2022

Self-care is so essential, yet it is often overlooked. Moms like us tend to set aside self-care on our list as we adjust to the new responsibilities of motherhood. Some moms even feel guilty about taking time off because they think it means neglecting their children or other responsibilities. But the truth is that we…

Halloween Parties in and near Metro October 2022

**Updated as of October 24, 2022. The page will be updated daily as establish announce their Halloween events. Halloween parties are back! Woohoo! I am sure you are as excited as we are so get your costumes and pumpkin baskets ready! Here is the list of Halloween parties you can join this spooky month of…

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