25+ Christmas Activities for the Kids

Christmas Activities for the Kids

It’s the time of the year again! It’s the season to bring out the decors, that special linen, and the nativity set (Belen as we would call it). I’ve always looked forward to Christmas. I love the pop of colors the decors bring, the brightness of the Christmas lights, the fun of Christmas activities, and the overall feel of joyous celebration of the birth of Jesus.

Ever since my daughter was a toddler, I would engage her in simple Christmas activities. First, we started with the tradition of making Christmas wrappers. Then, as she got a bit older, we did more Christmas crafts and activities.

Here are Christmas activity ideas based on the activities we have tried over the years and activities that we plan to do this year.

Christmas Activities for Kids

Play Christmas Activity Bingo

The Christmas Activity Bingo printable is FREE to download. It enlists 24 activities that the kids can do during the Christmas season.

How to use the printable:

  1. Print the Christmas Activity Bingo Page.
  2. Optional: Print the Christmas Activity Sticker Page on a sticker paper or regular paper.
  3. Do one activity at a time. Stick the sticker on the box with completed activity. You can also use stamp or check as marker for completion.
Christmas Activity Bingo
Christmas Activity Bingo
Christmas Activity Bingo Stickers


You may also use our last year’s My Christmas Activities Board.

My Christmas Activities
My Christmas Activities


Start Christmas Countdown

Counting the days before Christmas makes the waiting more fun. This is also a good numeracy activity for the kids. For this activity, you can use a Christmas countdown board if you have one at home. Alternatively, you can create one. You and your kids can draw on a chalkboard or design a Christmas countdown on Canva and have it laminated.

The easiest option is to download the Christmas Countdown design I made and laminate it.

Christmas Countdown
Christmas Countdown Chalkboard

Download a copy of the Christmas Countdown printable HERE.

Create Your Signature Christmas Drink

Mix your signature drink using your favorite ingredients. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but the drink should invoke happy emotions as the Christmas season would. In our family, we love the classic hot chocolate drink topped with tiny marshmallows. So what’s your favorite Christmas drink?

If you don’t have yet, here are some drink recipes available on the web that you can try too.

Make a Salt Dough Ornament

It’s our first year to make a salt dough ornament. We plan to use the salt dough recipe from Wholefully, and I will update the blog with our creation.

Salt Dough Ornament

Learn a Christmas Song

This should be an easy one! It’s amazing how kids learn a song by ear. Here are some playlists from Spotify:

Decorate the Christmas Tree

Decorating the tree is my daughter’s favorite Christmas activity. She loves to help us set up the tree, put the lights, and place the decors. You can also make it a tradition at home.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

If you have space constraints putting up a real Christmas Tree, choose a small Christmas tree or make a Christmas tree craft.

You can get a similar wooden Christmas tree here.

Mini Christmas Tree
Mini Christmas Tree

Play Christmas Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is an excellent activity for kids to keep them moving and searching. No need to create your list; you can download these FREE Christmas Scavenger Hunt. It contains items that we can commonly see at home. I also made a Paskong Pinoy version with things we typically see here in the Philippines.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt
Paskong Pinoy Scavenger Hunt

Download the Christmas Scavenger Hunt HERE.

Make a Christmas Card

Writing a letter or creating a Christmas card is a way to teach our kids how to show appreciation to other family members or friends.

Here’s another idea. I also let my daughter write the names of the recipient on the cards on the gifts. Try it too!

Writing Christmas Card
Writing Christmas Card

Create Christmas Decor from Recycled Products

There are so many crafts that the kids can make out of recycled materials at home. That’s why we keep some toilet paper rolls, plastic bottles, and cereals cardboard aside for crafts and experiments.

Here are the toilet paper crafts, Reese made so far.

Toilet Paper Christmas Craft

Paint a Christmas Ornament

If you want to skip the preparations, there are different craft kits that are sold online. Here’s the plaster kit that we got from @doodlebox_ph.

Plaster Kit from @doodlebox_ph
Painted plaster ornaments on tree
Painted plaster ornaments on tree

Decorate a Christmas Sack

We customized Reese’s Christmas sack by drawing her favorite animal, penguin. We got a canvas sack with her name printed on it from @dmgcanvasneeds.

Customized Christmas sack
Coloring it in

Hang a Christmas Sock

My daughter is very involved with setting up the Christmas decors at home. One of her tasks is to hang the Christmas socks at home, and it honestly makes her look forward to putting her letter in the sock.

If you don’t have Christmas socks or stockings at home, you can also make it a simple craft activity too.

Christmas Sock Craft

Write Your Wishlist

Wishlists are part of our family tradition. Even the adults make time to write the things we want to receive this Christmas. It eliminates the guesswork and ensures we receive something we actually need or want.

Creating a wishlist can be part of your yearly tradition. I made a Christmas Wishlist template for your child to use. I recognize that not all family introduce their kids to Santa so there are also pages that can be used as a wishlist for families.

Christmas Wishlist
Christmas Wishlist - Generic

Create a Christmas Lantern

I believe most Filipino homes have their own version of a lantern. Some have simple lanterns made from stick and plastic, classic lanterns made out of capiz, or colorful lanterns with blinking lights.

Here’s a quick lantern craft, Reese used her favorite colors and some leftover stickers she has.

Christmas Lantern
Handmade Lantern

This year, we will try to make the lantern from the kit we got from @mylittlesmarts.

Christmas Kit from @mylittlesmarts
From @mylittlesmarts

Make a special Christmas wrapper

Each year, my daughter and I make customized Christmas wrappers for our gifts. Using the kraft paper I bought a few years ago, we paint it with our preferred design. Of course, during her toddler years, her Christmas paper looked like abstract art, but as she grew older, her painting started to look like Christmas-themed items.

Here are some ideas for your Christmas wrapper.


Using a sponge that I cut into a Christmas tree and shapes, she stamped it onto Tempera paint and the kraft paper.

Christmas Wrapper Stamping
Christmas Wrapper decorated with sponge with paint

Here she is stamping using a cookie cutter. We used toilet paper rolls too.

Stamping using Cookie Cutter
Stamping using Cookie Cutter


Christmas Wrapper with paper cut-outs
Christmas Wrapper with paper cut-outs


Another idea is to paint the wrapper. We have been using tempera paint since it’s easy to clean up.

Painting Christmas Tree
Painting Christmas Tree

Create a Christmas wreath

Christmas wreath represents eternal life and also our faith. Here is a simple wreath that we made together last year.

Paper Wreath
Christmas Wreath

Share Your Blessings

There are many ways to share your family’s blessings. It may be a form of service or gift that can help and make other people happy.

Preloved items

Ask your kids for books, toys, or clothes that they are willing to give to other kids. Remember that the exercise is not a simple decluttering and getting rid of things that you no longer need. Emphasize that the selection is based on what they think other kids will appreciate.

If you are looking for recipients, I hope you can consider Brave Lil Hearts. It is a non-profit organization that supports kids with Down Syndrome.

Gift for Lil Brave Hearts
Gift for Lil Brave Hearts


Sweet and savory treats will surely bring a smile to the face of the recipients.

Wrapping up goodies for Kids

Other Gifts

Clothes, toys, books, and everyday essentials are great gift ideas. Take advantage of regular sales and discounts.

I personally shop at edamama. This is where I got baby wipes for donation/gift to the organization I support, Lil Brave Hearts.

P.S. You can use my voucher code, OUI20, to avail of P200 off. Minimum of P1000 purchase.

Gift wrapping
edamama gift wrapped and delivered
Gift wrapped and delivered directly to the recipient

Wrap a Gift

Invite your kids to help out with wrapping the gifts for the family. It can be as simple as helping with cutting and putting the tape or placing the gift in the bag.

Wrapping gift

Create Christmas Art Using a Handprint

This activity is perfect for toddlers and even preschoolers. Form a Christmas tree, reindeer, or wreath.

Handprint Tree
Handprint Art

Give your family members a great big hug

One way to show love to your family is by giving them a hug. It’s priceless!

Do a good deed

Christmas is not all about giving material things. It is a reminder of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. To celebrate his birth and to show our love for Him, let us teach our kids to do a good deed just a follower of Jesus would.

Start a Family Tradition

Each family follows a tradition of how they prepare and celebrate the Christmas season. Ask your child for a suggestion of what you can start doing together as a family during the season. It does not need to be grand or complicated. The important thing is that you do it as a family. It can be any of the activities listed here or can be a unique activity altogether.

Give a family or friend a call

Technology has really allowed us to connect with each other despite the distance. Encourage your child to reach out to family, friends, or classmates to catch up over the holiday season.

Help with the meal preparation

Are you the type of family who prepares the holiday feast at home or the type of family who prefers to order out? If you are the former, go ahead and involve the kids with meal preparation like cutting, peeling, and cooking. It’s a great bonding activity and a great way to teach and pass on family recipes.


If you typically order your food from the restaurant, your kids can still be involved with making the drinks or setting the table.

Create Your Signature Dessert

Does your family have a sweet tooth? Why not create a dessert recipe that can be your family Christmas dessert. Again, it doesn’t need to be complicated. You don’t have to bake because there are a lot of options for no-bake desserts like fruit salad, gelatin (black sambo), or no-bake cakes.

You can also make use ready-made wafers and because and decorate them like we did last year.

Dessert from wafers and biscuits

Take a Family Photo

We recently started to make it a tradition to take family photos wearing our Christmas threening pajamas on the morning of December 25.

Check out how we have decorated our home with photos of our threening photos and our

Family Photo and pegs
Family Photo and Pegs

We also got personalized pegs made by When Mommy Paints.

Read a Christmas Book

We always read the Bible story about the birth of Jesus. I also include stories about sharing, giving, and winter.

What’s your favorite Christmas season book?

Which activity is your family’s favorite? Do you have other suggested activities, let me know in the comment section below.


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