A Day in Mt. Purro Nature Reserve (MPNR)

I have read many reviews about Mt. Purro Nature Reserve (MPNR) and I knew we had to visit it.

We booked our day trip directly with MPNR via text. MPNR quickly replied to us with detailed instructions for reservation and payment. Needless to say, reservation was a breeze.

When we arrived at MPNR, we were warmly welcomed at the reception.

As part of their process, all guests are asked to proceed to the Briefing Area. We were asked to watch a short film showing the history of MPNR.

I was in awe to learn that MPNR started from an individual’s desire to make a difference after the sever flooding that constantly hit the metro. Mr. Toto Malvar spearheaded the reforestration and rehabilitation of the Upper Marikina Watershed and Mt Purro as the primary site. To ensure the continuation of the project, he worked to build a relationship with the tribe that lived Mt. Purro, the Dumagats. Through the years, they have built a strong relationship and they have continued to take care of the forest together.

We are all fortunate that we are able to enjoy the community that they have built and nature that they have taken care of.

Activities in Mt. Purro

Mt Purro Nature Reserve offers many activities to its guests. For our day trip, these were the activities that we tried.


The first thing on our list was to check out the Nature Playscape. Reesey got so excited to try out the different obstacle courses.

She tried to cross these wooden logs. The gaps between the logs are still large for her but she managed to reach the end with only one or two missteps. This obstacle course is a good test of balance.

The monkey bar is still too high for her. Another guest, probably around 7 years old, tried to complete the rest of the bars.

The Playscape also has their own version of the Pikler triangle.

There was also a wall to climb on to get to the next level of the playground and to get to the top of the slide.

Near the entrance of the Nature Playscape are some music instruments made from recycled materials.

Here is Mt Purro’s famous Mud Kitchen and one of Reesey’s favorite areas. The kitchen has a lot of pots, pans, utensils and a working faucet. It encourages kids to use mud as part of the pretend play.

Reesey spent a lot of time in the tree house too. She liked putting rocks into a pail attached to a pulley to bring items to the top of the tree house. This particular activity needed supervision because kids might just let go of the pail with rocks while it is held up high.


At 10:30 AM, we joined a trek scheduled that day. Guests have the option to choose between easy and difficult hikes. Easy hike is a 20-minute trek to see a view from the middle of the mountain while the difficult hike is 45 minutes which leads up to the summit.

We got to the meeting place (reception area) just as the other family started the hike. We were assisted by one of the guides in MPNR so that we can follow the rest of the group and their guide.

The trail required walking on flat bedrocks and sometimes slippery mud, and climbing a few big rocks too.

Reese was such a trooper and she tried to walk throughout the trail. However, since the group with us walked very fast we had to catch up with them. Half of the trek we alternately carried her through our climb up.

She was thrilled that a resident kitten kept on following us in the trek.


After our trek, we headed off to Loli’s Kitchen to rest and refuel.

The day trip package includes buffet lunch. The buffet had, what I like to call, “Summer food” because these are food we usually bring during outings.

They had grilled liempo, grilled tilapia, adobo, pinakbet, salad, soup and turon for dessert. They also served juice.


After our delicious lunch, we headed to the MPNR game room to check out the games inside. The game room had ample space to sit down in and it has a billiards table, foosball and sungka. The guests have an option to borrow board games from the reception area.


After resting a bit, we headed off to our next activity, the river trek.

We were accompanied by a tour guide from MPNR to the river. We had to take a 10-15min tricycle ride to get to the River drop off point. We paid P50 for the tricycle ride (per way).

After the tricycle dropped us off, we walked for 15-20mins through a dirt road to the river. It is a bit challenging if you have to carry a toddler through the dirt road.

The main attraction is a mini-waterfalls and pocket-pools where you can enjoy swimming in clean and crystal clear waters. And the best part is that we had it all to ourselves. There are shallow and deep parts of the river so be cautious especially if you decide to bring your kids here.

Our tour guide gamely took pictures of us and patiently waited for us as we enjoyed dipping in the river.


When we got back to MPNR, we went directly to the swimming pool. They had a single large pool with cabanas around it. There are 3 shower rooms by the pool but overnight guests can go straight to the bathrooms in their rooms.


MPNR has several cabanas and hammocks that guests can enjoy. We stayed here a bit to rest after our adventurous day.


  • Reserve at least 2 days ahead of time.
  • You may choose to book your trip directly with them via call, text or FB Message or you can book through KLOOK.
  • Bring extra clothes especially if you intend to do all the activities
  • Bring anti-mosquito lotion or patch
  • Bring your own water tumbler. You can refill it at Loli’s Kitchen
  • Upon arriving at the reception, confirm the schedule of the activities so that you can plan accordingly.
  • Arrive as early as 7 AM to maximize your day trip at Mt. Purro

I hope you you enjoyed reading my blog as much as I enjoyed writing about our trip at Mt. Purro.


Purok 5, Barangay Calawis, Antipolo City, Philippines ​

Office Hours Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM  

Information: 8542-3005 (PLDT Mobile Landline) 0908-881-2701 (Smart) ​ Reservations: 0949-398-1799 (Smart)

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  1. Reese is so adventurous mommy Louis. Parang walang kapaguran din like you haha Im happy to know about MPNR, beauty of nature is really astounding. Love the play area for the kids, Loli’s resto, trekking and swimming. Not sure though if my kids could contain this kind of intense activity haha but maybe when they grow a bit more haha i just wonder how much this trio would cost cos we’re a family of 5 hahaha thanks for sharing mommy

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