A Saturday spent at Pestaño Farm and Samgyup sa Farm

Hello, Pestaño Farm! Hello, Ostrich!

Pestaño Farm is a family-owned farm turned farm resort in Antipolo, Rizal.

If you are looking for a quick escape to be with nature, you can consider visiting the place. They welcome guests who want to dine at Samgyup sa Farm, experience the activities at Pestaño farm, have team-building sessions at Philip Sanctuary, or stay overnight.

Let me share with you our experience so you can decide for yourself.

Booking and Reservations

I initially inquired through their Facebook page and learned that day trips do not require reservations.


Upon arriving at the Pestaño Farm gate, we paid the entrance fees to the guard.

Entrance fees are Php 100 for adults and Php 50 for kids.

Activities for Daytrip Visitors

Eat at Samgyup sa Farm

We arrived around 11 AM, so we decided to have lunch before doing anything else.

Samgyup sa Farm is an alfresco restaurant that offers Samgyupsal sets. Just beside the resto is a space for hens, turkeys, and geese to walk freely. Expect to see some chicken walking in the dining hall too. 🐓

The dining hall is clean. When we visited, we had the restaurant to ourselves.

If you can select your table, choose the tables on the side. The middle section of the roof has a skylight so that it can get warm in the central part of the room.

We ordered Set C, a selection of beef, chicken, and pork meat, plus the usual Korean sides. Set C costs Php 549 per adult. Kids get a 50% discount on the set.

The food was good. We especially enjoyed the beef and pork bulgogi.

My only concern was the cleanliness of their bathroom. I hope they will address that.

Feed the Farm Animals

They sell animal feeds for Php 50 per bag. We were able to feed the ostriches, sheep, and chickens.

Feeding the animals
Another side of Samgyup sa Farm

Walk around the property

The Pestaño Farm spans 12 hectares with areas for livestock, fruit-bearing trees, and vegetable and herb gardens.

Further down the road, we saw more coops where more variety of chickens was.

There was a walking path we followed to see the other parts of Pestaño Farm.

Pray at the Chapel

Pestaño Farm has a small chapel. When I talked to the staff fixing the flowers for the chapel, I learned that they have mass held every Saturday at 4 PM.

Have fun at the playground

We walked towards Philips Sanctuary, further down the main road inside Pestaño Farm.

On our way there, we saw a play area where the kids could play.

The playground is not in its tip-top shape, but my daughter was able to cross the mini bridges to get to the slide. This is best for preschoolers or older kids. Take note of a gap on the first bridge, so be careful.

There were several swings around. They also had a plastic playground for toddlers.

Check out Philips Sanctuary

Philips Sanctuary has different obstacle courses and swimming pools for team-building activities.

They entertain oculars for those who might want to check out the place.

Cool down and rest by the Snack bar

We found the path to the vegetable garden and snack bar area on our way back up.

They also have an herb garden and many fruit-bearing trees.

Pestaño Farm Snack Bar

The Pestaño Farm Snack Bar serves hot and cold beverages, ice cream, Korean corndogs, and street food sampler (fishball, kikiam, etc.)

Tables where guests can eat or just rest

Stay overnight

There are several overnight accommodation options inside the Pestaño Farm. You can inquire directly about the availability and rates.

Tips When Heading to Pestaño Farm

  • Bring your water bottles.
  • Bring extra clothes.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • If possible, wear leggings or pants.
  • Bring mosquito lotion or patch.
  • Come in earlier so the weather will be more relaxed.
  • Check the weather forecast since most activities are outdoors.
  • You can inquire through their FB page if you want to stay overnight.
  • Check out other attractions in the nearby places like ATV and Little Baguio (most part has been closed).

Pestaño Farm Contact Details

Address: Pestaño Farm Trail Rd, 1870 Antipol (Searchable in waze)

Contact Number: +63 998 557 1319

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pestanofarm/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/pestanofarm

I hope you found this blog helpful! If you have any questions or comments, send them through the comment box below.

Note: Please do not use my photos without permission. Thanks!

Till my next blog post!


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  1. Full amenities in a not just ordinary farm !!! Feel good place! With nature and farm animals! You can’t ask for more

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