Activity: Ice Cream please Reese

My 3 year old daughter does not go to school yet so I make sure that she has activities at home that can strengthen her fine motor skills, teach her concepts and of course let her have fun in the process.

She likes pasting paper and letter tracing activities so here is a quick activity I made for her.

This activity is easy to prepare and will help in the development of the child’s

  • focus
  • pasting skills
  • color recognition
  • pattern assessment

The materials I used are:

  • Bond Paper
  • Colored Paper
  • Pair of Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pallette and Brush
  • Colored marker pens
  • Container for the paper cut out

It’s just simple.

  • Just pre-cut your colored papers to look like a scoop of ice cream and cone. You can opt to have it placed in a container to segregate the colors beforehand or you can have your kid do it (Color sorting activity idea!).
  • Draw ice cream. The color of the ice cream should match your colored paper. My daughter is familiar with the colors and can discern patterns already hence there are multiple colors and patterns here. Feel free to tweak accordingly. I suggest to start simple then increase complexity on your next activities.
  • Add traceable letters if your child is interested in writing already.
  • Prepare the glue, pallette and brush. Use your preferred pasting material (e.g. glue, glue stick, paste). I just prefer to have her use the brush as glue spreader because she uses less glue this way as compared to letting her squirt out the glue out of the bottle.
  • Introduce the activity to your child first. Guide her as needed especially if she not used to using the glue or making patterns yet. You can pre-make an ice cream as an example too.

Here is my daughter doing the activity.

Tada! Here is what she made.

I hope you got inspired to try this or make a similar activity with your child.

Have fun!

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