Fun Activities to Learn about Colors

Colors are one of the first concepts we teach our kids.  As far as I can remember, we started exposing our daughter to colors through different play activities and books as soon as she can sit on her own.

While my daughter can already identify colors in English, she is just learning them In Filipino. Admittedly, my child has some challenges speaking Filipino as we converse with her in English since she was little.  If we can do over, we probably should have exerted effort in ensuring that one of us spoke to her in Filipino too.  (OPOL – One person, one language).

To help engage her in learning the language and learning about Colors, here are some of the activities and materials we use to supplement her learning.  It also includes activities we did when she was a toddler.

Story Books and Activity Books

Here are some books that we used to help teach the different colors to our daughter.

  • When Color Came to Town: Available at Adarna, Pumplepie, Lazmall
  • Paano Kumain ng Kulay: Available at Adarna, Pumplepie, Lazmall
  • Colours by Peter Rabbit: Available at National Bookstore
  • Blues Clues The Color Finders: Available at Booksale
  • Brainquest for Pre-K: Available at Fullybooked
  • Smart Start for Pre-K: Bought from the Big Bad Wolf
  • Wika At Buhay K1: Textbook Recommended by our Homeschool Provider


I made these printables and had them printed and laminated.

You can download the All About Colors printable here:

Color Sorting

This activity is always a hit with the little ones.  You can use any materials that can be easily sourced or readily available at home.  You can use buttons, water beads, pompoms, toys, or, popsicle sticks.  You can also use the rainbow bear set, which is available from Shopee.

Here are some color sorting activities we did through the years.

Arts and Crafts


Here’s the Walking Water and Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment we did a while back.


The books and activities are suggestions that I hope will make learning more fun. You can tailor-fit according to your child’s learning style. Remember to talk to your child because learnings happen even during simple conversations too.


I provided the links where the items are available for reference.  I do not earn any commission of any kind.

While the printables are free to download, please refrain from sharing digital or hardcopy to others. Kindly direct them to this direct post instead.

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Thanks so much!

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