AngryDobo – Love or Hate it?

Angrydobo is Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo’s restaurant which was born from a lover’s quarrel they had more than a decade ago. This restaurant that soft-opened last May 2019 offers different dishes inspired from (well, you guessed it right) adobo.

I wanted to try this as soon I saw IG posts about its launch and soft opening last May 2019.  It is quite a long drive (considering the traffic around the metro) from where we live so it took a while before I was able to finally visit it.

The Visit

So on a Sunday late afternoon, my husband and I went to Angrydobo which is just across De La Salle University – Taft.  When we got there around 5:45ish, the waiting area was already packed with other customers waiting for their queue.   I think Angrydobo staff are already used to this kind of line as there is already a specific guy who enlists people as they come.   What I find unique about the restaurant is that while we were waiting, one of the staff actually gave us a quick introduction of the restaurant and the food and informed all of us which food were not available at the moment.

Our view from the waiting area

The Menu

Please excuse my shaky hands

Our Food Order

One last look at the menu on the counter
Angrydobo Classic – Pork Belly Adobo with Gising gising

Angrydobo Classic tastes good with the warm rice and gising gising. However, I wish there was more sauce to complement the amount of the rice in the serving. Additional adobo sauce can be ordered by the way for P65 but we opted not to order more.

Witty lines even on our food order number *whatchamacallit*
Angrydobo Short Ribs – Short Ribs with Laing

The Angrydobo Short ribs with laing was the perfect combo for me. The flavors are good but I find that the proportion of meat and laing to the amount of rice is off. It came with 4 pieces of meat which is too small for the big bowl of rice.

3-cheese flying saucer

I loved this 3-cheese Flying Saucer sandwich filled with the Adobo classic meat. It can eat on its own or with the salsa sauce that came along with it.

Angrydobo Iced Tea and Watermelon Shake

The Angrydobo Iced Tea and Watermelon Shake were equally refreshing drinks.

Dark Chocolate Chapsicle

The Dark Chocolate Chapsicle was really frozen hard when it was served to us so it took a few minutes before we can start eating it. Unfortunately, I didn’t really enjoy the dessert. I think I would still rather eat champorado in its original form with some milk or perhaps a tuyo on the side.

Overall, I enjoyed the dinner we had at Angrydobo. The homey taste of the adobo left me wanting more servings of the adobo.

If you also want to taste Judy Ann’s famous adobo, visit Angrydobo at 2456 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila

Oh by the way, better not take a car when going there because parking can be quite a challenge.

See you next time!

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