Attractions to Check Out in Clark Land – Dinosaurs Island and Insectlandia

Clark Island

Calling out all parents who have dinosaur-loving kiddos, you need to check out the Dinosaurs Island in Clark Pampanga! You have probably ticked off watching the Jurassic Park movies and Camp Cretaceous and collected dinosaur toys and books off your list. Here’s another item to add to that list – Visiting Dinosaurs Island at Clark Land.

Our family availed of Klook’s 5-in-1 Admission ticket and I will share the highlights in this blog post. If you are interested to see the package, click here.


8 Attractions in Clark Land
Dinosaurs Island
Dino World Of Fun
Jurassic Jungle Safari
7D Super Screen
Wonders of the World
Dino Fossil Museum
Picnic Grounds
Clark Land Rates and Attraction Fees
Dinosaur Island Contacts and Information

8 Attractions in Clark Land

Clark Land has two main attractions – Dinosaurs Island and InsectLandia, but there are 6 more attractions that you can consider. You can either buy tickets for the individual attractions or save more by buying the package.

Before you book the ticket, read further to know what you can expect from the different attractions.

Dinosaurs Island

Dinosaurs Island Entrance

Dinosaurs Island was our first stop. We went passed through this huge door and followed the walking path that led us to at least 15+ animatronic dinosaurs.

This place reminded me of the movie, Jurassic Park. Every dinosaur had its own area and a sign that indicated the dinosaur’s name and information.

Each dinosaur moved and roared whenever guests were nearby. The sound was a bit loud and the dinosaurs look realistic, which can be really scary for small kids. So if you have toddlers, you may want to wait for a few more years before visiting.

Here is a sneak peek of what you will see inside Dinosaurs Island.

Dinosaurs Island - Feeding the T-Rex

This hungry T-Rex was hard to miss.

Going up to the platform came with a fee of P 20 per person.

Dino World Of Fun

After the Dinosaurs Island, the exit led us to the Dino World Of Fun.

Dino World of Fun

We had to wait around 10-15 minutes before we could enter the Dino World of Fun room because the staff sanitized the room before the show.

Here’s a glimpse of the show we watched.

After the show, the photographers took our photos with the 3 dinosaurs.

Jurassic Jungle Safari

Clark Land - Jurassic Jungle Safari

In the Jurassic Jungle Safari, we rode an electronic car that took us around the mini jungle. Be warned, the jungle has some surprises in store. Be alert! 🦖🦖🦖

Photo before we went into the jungle safari

7D Super Screen

I was not able to take a photo of the theater inside, but it looks like your typical theater with seats that follow the movement of the short movie.

We saw a roller coaster movie and not a dino movie. I honestly got dizzy after the movie, but maybe it was because I am sensitive to movements.

Clark Land - 7D Super Screen

Wonders of the World

Next stop we saw the different replicas of the Wonders of the World here. It included Wonders of the Ancient World and New Wonders of the World.

Clark Land - Wonders of the World

Here are some of the structures we saw. There were labels and information on each display so it was educational.

Dino Fossil Museum

The next stop was the Dino Fossil Museum. It was on the second level of this building near the entrance/exit.

Dino Fossil Museum

There were dinosaur fossils on display.

Picnic Grounds

Playground at the Picnic Ground

The picnic ground was across the Dinosaur Island area. There were see-saws, swings, and obstacle courses that kids can play in.

There were cottages that are available for rentals too.

For more adventurous kids, there were rappelling and wall climbing activities too.

Picnic Grounds - Rappelling and Wall Climbing

My daughter didn’t try those activities, but she did enjoy crossing this obstacle and playing in the playground.

Picnic Grounds


Similar to Dinosaur Island, the animatronics were the main highlight of the tour.

Insectlandia Entrance

These giant insects moved and buzzed when guests came near them.

There was an insect museum in the middle of Insectlandia.

Insectlandia - Insect Museum

There was a small plant garden too.

Before the exit, there was also an insect show after the tour. We opted to skip it because we needed to head off for lunch. It was similar to the Dino Fun Show, but there were 3 cute and colorful bugs instead.

Clark Land Rates and Attraction Fees

As of September 2022, here are the rates. For the latest rates, you can visit their website or Facebook account.

Individual Entrance Fees:

Dinosaur Island – P350 for adults/ P300 for kids 16 years old and below
Jurassic Jungle Safari – P100
7D Super Screen – P100
Wonders of the World – P100
Fossil Museum – P50
Insectlandia -P350 for adults/ P300 for kids 16 years old and below

Packages Fees:

All-In 7 Attractions – P 910

Dinosaur Island Clark, Insectlandia, Jurassic Jungle Safari, 7D Super Screen, Wonders of the World, Fossil Museum, and Picnic Grounds

Klook Rates

If you want to get discounted tickets, you can also try booking via the Klook app. Based on our experience, it is so convenient. I just had to show my voucher in the Klook to the counter and then I was given tickets to the attractions.

As of September 2022, here are the promo rates.

If you are new to Klook and would like to P150 off your first booking, sign up using my link.

Note: I get a token for every successful referral, but be assured that I am transparent with my reviews.

Other Things You Should Know Before You Head Over to Clark Island

  • Wear comfortable clothes and bring extra clothes. Expect that you may be sweating after walking around Dinosaur Island.
  • If you have portable fans, bring them with you.
  • Bring mosquito lotion or mosquito patches. We didn’t see any mosquitoes, but since there are many trees it is better to have one on.
  • I recommend this for school-aged kids who love dinosaurs. The animatronics and the dinosaur roar sound make the dinosaurs look real and scary for smaller kids.
  • Schedule your visit in the morning because it gets very hot from midday onwards.
  • There are food stalls inside Dinosaur Island in case you or your kids get hungry or thirsty.
  • Expect that there are photographers in the different attraction areas like the entrance of the Dinosaur Island, inside the Jurassic Jungle, and Dino World of Fun. You can buy printed copies of the photos for P200 for 1 printed photo and P600 for 3 printed photos and digital copies of all photos.

Dinosaur Island Contacts and Information

Here are Dinosaur Island’s details:

Opening Hours: 8:00 AM to 6:oo PM
Address: Clark Picnic Grounds, Gil Puyat Ave, Clark Freeport, Mabalacat, 2023 Pampanga
Contact Number: (045) 499 3033
Website: Dinosaurs Island – Home (
Facebook: Dinosaurs Island Clark | Facebook
Instagram: Dinosaurs Island Clark (@dinosaursislandclark) • Instagram photos and videos

Stay tuned for my next blog on another Clark attraction, Clark Safari soon!


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