Burrow Cafe – An Underground Escape

Nestled inside a village in Antipolo, the Burrow Cafe, is a pleasant surprise for Rizal residents and travelers as well. We have visited the cafe twice and got to try some of their breakfast and lunch plates. Here’s what you can expect when you go to the Burrow Cafe.

Getting There

Situated inside Beverly Hills Subdivision in Antipolo, it is located along the main road and very easy to find. After several houses and a school, a series of trees are lined up until the entrance of the Burrow Cafe.

There is ample parking space for cars and there is a guard ready to assist guests in parking.

Main Entrance

Getting to the restaurant requires 76 steps down the stairs from the main entrance. There’s a separate ramp that could possibly accommodate those in wheel chair but it might be difficult due to its steepness.

The stairs lead to a garden with tables and chairs. Guests are free to lounge around but note that smoking is not allowed in the premises. Another set of stairs in the middle of the garden leads diners to the underground restaurant.

Stairs to the restaurant

Burrow Cafe requires reservation ahead of time to ensure guests are accommodated. Upon arriving, we were welcomed and led to the waiting area and were given a copy of the menu.

The hammocks were the star of the waiting lounge. Our little girl wanted to swing in the hammocks all day!

The cozy waiting area
Our little girl in her favorite pair of boots

The Food

The Appetizers

Truffled Wild Mushroom Soup – P 350

The Truffled Wild Mushroom Soup is a great choice for starters. If you like Truffle, like we do, then this soup is a must.

Flat Bread with Assorted Dips – P 320

The flat bread came with alfalfa sprouts and assorted dips. It had pesto, sundried tomato, cheese pimiento and chorizo cream. I liked the flavors of the pesto and sun-dried tomato dips.

The Mains

BSE – Bacon, Sausage & Eggs – P 480

One of their best-sellers is the BSE and it is a hearty breakfast. The thick bacon stood out in the dish in terms of flavor.

Tender Beef Tapa – P 330

The Tender Beef Tapa was indeed tender. It was served with rice, egg, tomato and onion. The dish was flavorful, the Beef Tapa was marinated well.

Caldereta ShortRibs with Carrot Rissoto – P 640

The Caldereta was a savory treat, and it is an interesting twist to this frequent home-cooked dish. With the use of different ingredients (carrot rissoto and potato frites) rather than plain rice, it brings more texture and flavor. The meat on the short ribs is tender and there is generous amount of cheese mixed in. Since it is so flavorful and heavy, it is best to share this dish with someone.

Salmon, Crabfat emulsion, Barley – P 570

The Salmon was beautifully golden and presented with bright colors. I found the plate opposite of the Caldereta. The serving size and flavor were light. So if you want something light and healthy, this dish is a perfect candidate.

Nutella Pancakes – P 270

I think nobody would argue that pancakes and bananas go well with Nutella. The pancakes were thick and dense so this dish could be very filling. The banana in syrup is super delicious.

Spaghetti Bolognese – P 350

I found the spaghetti average. I suggest trying another item from the children’s menu.

The Dessert

Crunchy Suman sa Latik – P 160

If you would eat the Crunchy Suman sa Latik, make sure that each bite has the ice cream and mango with the suman. The contrasting flavors work well together.

Dayap Creme Brulee – P 160

On the other hand, the Dayap Creme Brulee is superb. It’s the best dessert we have tasted in the cafe. It was also good in cleaning our palate with the lightness of the creme and freshness of the strawberry and kiwi.

Slow Drip Cafe – P 120
Hot Chocolate – P 180

Both drinks were good pairings to our breakfast meal.

Unique Features

Burrow Cafe Interior
The Table Setting

I loved the overall ambiance and aesthetic of the cafe. The combination of the industrial lighting complemented the natural lighting of the restaurant from large window panels . There are also plants inside that gave the the Burrow Cafe an even more homey ambiance.

Mini Library

Apart from the hammocks, we also love the mini library with classic children’s books in the waiting area. My daughter loved reading the books while sitting on the hammock. We stayed longer in the restaurant because of it.

There is also a little shop inside. Guests can view the goods in the shelf display and clothes rack. They sell locally made products like liniments, coffee, netbags, eco-straws and honey to name a few.

The wooden horse

A wooden horse is also a kid favorite. My daughter rode it while we were waiting for the order so she didn’t get bored at all.

Restaurant Exterior

The tall green trees surrounding the restaurant definitely added to the experience. The sound of the trees rustling and the birds tweeting were so relaxing and a good break from the noise of the city most of us are so used to.

The stairs leading to the stream
The stairs leading to the stream

Another stairway outside the Burrow Cafe leads to the river at the bottom. Several trash pickers are available to give guests chance to help clean the river.

We were not able to go down to the river on our first visit due to strong rains. The water level was high and it was dangerous to go down due to the strong current. On our second visit, we were able to go down and hop on the rocks. The river was tranquil, clean and picturesque.

Overall, we enjoyed our dining experience in the Burrow Cafe. The homey feel and child-friendliness of the cafe itself was worth the 76 steps we walked. Admittedly, I find the price a bit expensive but I would still visit Burrow Cafe when we want to escape to a relaxing close-to-nature cafe.

Should you wish to dine at Burrow Cafe, please ensure to reserve your table at least 2 weeks before as reservations get fully booked fast especially on weekends and holidays.

Burrow Cafe
113 Beverly Hills Ave,
Beverly Hills Subd, Antipolo
IG: burrowcafe.ph

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  1. Ang dami talagang magagadang place and resto sa Antipolo. Burrow cafe made me miss Rustics kasi parang ganto din mapuno hehe indeed yung waiting area is super cozy and infairness sa food ang ganda ng presentation hehe drooooling! ang dami nyo po kasi naorder mommy haha

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