AngryDobo – Love or Hate it?

Angrydobo is Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo’s restaurant which was born from a lover’s quarrel they had more than a decade ago. This restaurant that soft-opened last May 2019 offers different dishes inspired from (well, you guessed it right) adobo. I wanted to try this as soon I saw IG posts about its launch andContinue reading “AngryDobo – Love or Hate it?”

Ice Scramble Delivery – Yay!

During my grade school days, ice scramble is one of those street foods that I usually eat as snacks. Who can resist the cute pink shaved iced with those cute marshmallows, chocolate syrup and powdered milk? So just imagine how thrilled I was when my sister said we can have ice scrambled delivered to ourContinue reading “Ice Scramble Delivery – Yay!”

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