Food Groups Activities for Kids

We are getting to know our food better, and so we are discussing the different food groups.  Yes, you are right!  We are studying Go, Grow, and Glow food.  Let’s zoom into the different food groups. So to quickly recap – Go Food – gives us energy. Grow Food – helps build or muscles. GlowContinue reading “Food Groups Activities for Kids”

Daily Charts for Kids

To kick off our day, we update our DIY calendar.  My daughter puts a new date everyday and it is another way for her to practice the numbers.  We then go about our morning routine like light exercise, breakfast, and devotional. We update the month too on the first day of each month. If youContinue reading “Daily Charts for Kids”

Family Tree Activity for the Kids

A family tree gives toddlers and preschoolers an excellent visual representation of their family.  It is a great activity to introduce kids to their family members and lineage.  If a family member has already passed on, it is one way to honor and remember them. A few weeks ago, I prepared the Family Tree activityContinue reading “Family Tree Activity for the Kids”

Playtime with Water Beads

What are Water beads? Waterbeads are usually sold in sachet and are can be either packed in a single colors or can be multi-color. As you may have guessed, the beads need to be submerge in water so that it could expand and turn into jelly-like balls. It usually takes 4 – 6 hours forContinue reading “Playtime with Water Beads”

Fun Activities to Learn about Colors

Colors are one of the first concepts we teach our kids.  As far as I can remember, we started exposing our daughter to colors through different play activities and books as soon as she can sit on her own. While my daughter can already identify colors in English, she is just learning them In Filipino.Continue reading “Fun Activities to Learn about Colors”

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