Daily Chores for Kids

Since my little girl was a toddler, I started to introduce her to simple household chores.  She did not do it regularly then, but she became familiarized with the tasks through time.  Believe it or not, she enjoyed doing the chores.  I have seen her confidence grow in doing the task. Through time, I knowContinue reading “Daily Chores for Kids”

First Day of Homeschool

July 13 was a special day for us as my little girl started her first day of homeschooling. To be honest, I was probably more excited than her. (Ha!) She was supposed to attend pre-school this year but because of the pandemic, my husband and I have decided it is best for her to beContinue reading “First Day of Homeschool”

Activity: Ice Cream please Reese

My 3 year old daughter does not go to school yet so I make sure that she has activities at home that can strengthen her fine motor skills, teach her concepts and of course let her have fun in the process. She likes pasting paper and letter tracing activities so here is a quick activityContinue reading “Activity: Ice Cream please Reese”

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