Christmas Countdown Board for Kids

Christmas Countdown Board for Kids

Wasn’t that fast? We are about to say goodbye to November, and the next thing we know, we are saying Hello December. Here in the Philippines, the Christmas season starts in September. By this time, the decors are up, the lights are on, and the checklist is almost done. What Christmas activities keep you and the kids busy this season? This year, I am introducing the Christmas Countdown Board to my daughter to get her more excited for the Christmas celebration. It’s also an excellent way to practice numeracy skills and practice writing the numbers too. I rounded up some ideas and inspiration, so you can also start the Christmas Countdown practice at home.

Christmas Countdown Board Ideas

Letter Board

Letter Boards are basic yet very flexible.   It can be used all year round to showcase inspirational quotes, bible verses, funny jokes, and mantras, to name a few.  Use it for your countdown this Christmas season.

Letter Board Christmas Countdown Board

Christmas Countdown Wooden Board

If you are looking for a cute Countdown Board to display at home, you can check count boards and other rustic decors from @makeartfromtheheartph.  Here’s our board that we placed by our mini ceramic Christmas village.

I have a special treat for you! I made two sets of FREE Printable that you can choose from.

Chalkboard Christmas Countdown Board

Christmas Countdown Chalkboard

There are two options to use this printable.

  1. If you have an erasable white marker, you can laminate the first page and update it daily. 
  2. If you don’t have an erasable white marker,
    1. Print the all the pages.
    2. Cut the numbers in pages 2 and 3.
    3. Laminate the first page and number cut-outs
    4. Add Velcro to the laminate page and numbers.
Chalkboard Christmas Countdown Board


Simple Christmas Countdown Board

Simple Christmas Countdown Board

Print and laminate the page.  Use a whiteboard marker to update the page. 

Instead of laminating, you can also use an A4 Card Case.

You can get it from leading store supplies store or order it from Shopee.

Simple Christmas board

Make Your Own

Make it a bonding activity at home. Using the materials you have at home, you can make Christmas-themed countdown boards. Oh, the possibilities are limitless! Just enjoy and be creative.

I’m in the middle of crafting new sets of blog posts and printables for the Christmas season, so I hope you stay tuned to my social media pages and blog for the updates.

If you have special requests, go ahead and comment below or send me a message on my social media account.


While the printables are free to download, please refrain from sharing digital or hardcopy with others. Kindly direct them to this direct post instead.

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