Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery still shines at Antipolo

The first time we ate at the Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery was a few weeks before the quarantine started last 2020.  Back then, we were still able to dine in with our daughter.  We loved the place because it successfully blends the beauty of nature, art, and food to deliver a great dining experience.

Fast forward to 2021.  You see, we stayed at home for the past year until we had to do some bank errands.   My husband and I took advantage of the time we were out, and since we were in the Antipolo area, our first thought was to eat at Crescent Moon Café.

We ate on a weekday, but we still called the Cafe to secure a reservation.

**Updated on June 2, 2022

We came back three times already this 2022. Check out some updates on Crescent Moon Cafe.

Going inside the Crescent Moon Café and Studio Pottery property

The Crescent Moon Cafe is relatively easy to find (Just type in Crescent Moon and Studio Pottery in Waze). However, the road leading to the property is narrow, so you may need to take turns with the incoming traffic.

Anyway, once you have found the sign that says Crescent Moon, you just need to enter the gate. As you drive on, trees lined up will greet you. Inside the compound is the Crescent Moon Cafe.

Crescent Moon Cafe painted wall
The view from inside the property going out the gate

The Cafe

We were the only ones there for the 11 AM time slot. As soon as we parked, the waiter went out to greet us. As part of the new normal protocol, we were asked to fill their contact tracing form and spray our hands with alcohol.

When we visited recently (May 2022), we didn’t fill out any forms as the alert levels have eased up.

Crescent Moon Cafe facing the Parking Lot
Crescent Moon Cafe Facade facing the Parking Lot

There is a large fish pond by the Cafe’s entrance. The Koi fishes are bigger than I remember them to be. 🙂

They sell fish feeds for P100 per bag. Here is my daughter feeding the large koi fishes.

The Interior

We were ushered into the Cafe and to our seats on the right side of the room.

It looked similar to how it was last year. The main difference is that the buffet table that used to be in the center of the room is now replaced with tables and center.

The room is painted with vibrant paints with colorful pieces of artwork and decors as accents. It gives the SouthEast Asian eclectic vibe that is sure to draw the eyes of its guests.

Screens serve as the walls of the Cafe, which allows the breeze outside to come in and guests to appreciate the trees and pond. The Cafe has electric fans, which they turned on when we came in. We requested to turn it off because it was already cool as it is.

One-third of the Crescent Moon Cafe showcases the ceramic products they have on display. They have all sorts of products like plates, bowls, pots, and display pieces.

New Areas

Sunken Garden Building

Crescent Moon Cafe has added new dining areas by the Sunken Garden. It is a two-floor building that can accommodate large groups.

Children’s Play Area

Colorfully-painted walls provide a beautiful facade for the play area. The tall trees provided adequate shade so that the kids can walk and play around the play area.

The play area has a small house and rubber chairs. There is also a swing. Wee!

I love how they have repurposed the rocks and wood on their property. Look how cute the rock decors and animal benches are!

Butterfly Wall

If you visit Crescent Moon Cafe, make sure to take a photo with their Butterfly wall. The butterflies are handmade with ceramics.

The Food

As I mentioned earlier, Crescent Moon Cafe used to offer buffet meals, but now they only serve food and drinks from their ala-carte menu.

First, we had their Alagao Salad, their best-seller, as our appetizer. This is the dish that made us want to go back to this Cafe.

The salad is a mix of chopped onions, ginger, chili, coconut, peanut sauce, shrimp, green mango, basil, and alagao leaves. They pick the alagao leaves from their garden. That is why it is so fresh!

Crescent Moon Cafe Alagao Salad
Alagao Salad

Here is my Alagao Salad. I like that I have the freedom to put the ingredients I want for my salad. And of course, I like the taste! Each bite gives off different tastes – sweetness from the coconut and peanut sauce, a hint of saltiness from the shrimp, herb taste from the basis, sour taste from the green mango, and a tinge of spiciness from the ginger. Each flavor compliments the other.

My Alagao Salad
My Alagao Salad

For our main course, we ordered two main dishes. First is the Steamed Fish in Tamarind Sauce. The fish is covered with a Vietnamese-inspired sauce and is topped with fresh carrots and wansoy. The fish tastes fresh, and its sauce is packed with flavor. So, we finished the fish right away.

Crescent Moon Cafe Steamed Fish in Tamarind Sauce
Steamed Fish in Tamarind Sauce

While our steamed fish was sweet and tangy, our next entree packed up some punch. The beef in our Beef Rendang is tender and easy-to-chew. It is a bit spicy for my taste, so it made me eat more rice. 🙂

Crescent Moon Beef Rendang
Beef Rendang

For our drinks, my husband had Thai-Style Iced Tea, while I had the Moringa Calamansi Juice. Both are yummy and refreshing!

Crescent Moon Cafe  Drinks
Thai Iced Tea and Moringa Calamansi Juice

If you have kids, try their Mulberry Chicken!

Another must-try is their Lemongrass Pork Belly. It has the right mix of salty and little sweetness taste.

Crescent Moon Cafe - Lemongrass Pork Belly

If you are looking for soup, Crescent Moon has Seafood Curry. The coconut broth is filled with seafood balls and some vegetables. It has a slightly spicy taste.

Crescent Moon Cafe Seafood Curry Soup
Crescent Moon Cafe Seafood Curry Soup

Here is Crescent Moon Cafe’s full menu for your reference.

Crescent Moon Cafe Appetizers and Mains Menu
Soups, Starters, Entrees Menu
Crescent Moon Cafe Desert and Drinks Menu
Dessert, Rice Meals, and Drinks Menu

The Exterior

Before we left, we went around the Cafe. Here are some photos I took outside the Cafe.

Tall trees surround the Cafe. Here is the photo from the right backside of the Cafe.

Right Side of the Crescent Moon Cafe
Right Side of the Cafe

At the right corner of the compound is the office (from what I know). Look at how they upcycled the glass bottles as their display and decors!

Crescent Moon Cafe Office

Their bathroom at the left side of the Cafe. There’s a separate toilet for men and women and an extra handwashing area outdoor.

Crescent Moon Cafe Bathroom and Outdoor Washing Area
Bathroom and Outdoor Washing Area

Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery Contact Details

If you also want to enjoy the close-to-nature dining experience and Southeast Asian cuisine, give Crescent Moon Cafe a try. Don’t forget to call in or send them a message to ensure that they can accommodate you. They get full on weekends.

Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery

I hope you check out my old and upcoming food finds too.

I’d love to hear from you! Please drop by the comment section so we can connect.

Take Care!


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  1. That simplicity of the place makes it more attractive. Masasabi ko talaga na “hindi kailangang gumastos ng mahal para mag-enjoy at mag-relax ang buong pamilya”.

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