Daily Charts for Kids

To kick off our day, we update our DIY calendar.  My daughter puts a new date everyday and it is another way for her to practice the numbers.  We then go about our morning routine like light exercise, breakfast, and devotional. We update the month too on the first day of each month.

If you notice our calendar is bi-lingual. I initially thought of having two calendars but figured it might work best for us to have into one.

The Calendar printable below has one page that has the table for the dates and has some space on the top so you can put the month and year.

Note: I edited the numbers on the file so that the box used for the guide is not as long as you see in the picture.

As part of our Circle Time, we sing the days of the week, months of the year, and a chosen song for the week.  We go through her Daily Chart which consists the days, weather, and emotion.  We do two charts – one in English and one in Filipino.

You can download the Daily Chart and Types of Weather on the bottom of this blog. I suggest that you laminate the Daily Chart and the Days of the Week so it’s reusable and durable. Use velcro so your child can also easily change the days and weather daily.

As for the Emotions card, we use Emosyon Bibo cards.  You may choose to search for available feelings cards, but we personally use the Emosyon Bibo cards because it has 50 picture cards with beautiful illustration, description, and guide questions.  It gives our circle time more meaning as we discuss what she feels. It also widens her vocabulary and understanding of her emotions.

Althernatively, you may ask your child to draw his feelings on the space available, or you may look for free printables online.

Free Printables


Free Printable - Calendar

Daily Charts

Pang-araw-araw ng Tsart

Types of Weather


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Hope your kids love it!

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