Family Fun at Shangri-La Fort

Shangri La Fort

Shangri-La Fort is one of the luxury hotels in the center of Bonifacio Global City. It’s within walking distance to Bonifacio High Street, making it convenient to shop and dine in nearby stores and restaurants.

Booking and Reservation at Shangri-La Fort

I booked our Deluxe Room via their website. Shangri-La Fort’s package then was called the Family package. If you check today, that package is equivalent to the Stay and Play package, except that our package did not have access to the Adventure Zone.

After booking online, I received a confirmation email indicating my reservation details and package inclusions.

Then, I got the Family Fun Pre-Arrival Email a week before our check-in. It’s basically a questionnaire asking what activities we want to avail of during our stay. Also, the email included an online pre-registration form for faster check-in.

Package Inclusions

As mentioned earlier, we availed of the Family Fun package. Here are the inclusions:

  • Overnight stay at the Shangri-La Fort Deluxe Room
  • Flexible Check-in and Check-out
  • Meet and Greet by Boni
  • Special Carekit for Kids
  • Kid’s choice kiddie bar as welcome amenity
  • Family Departure Gifts and Post Departure Family Photo
  • Use of Kerry Sports
  • Use of the swimming pool
  • Two Activities from these choices:
    • Urban Garden visit at level 6 for the bee farm tour and a sweet introduction to Shangri-La Fort’s Home Sweet Honey
    • Filipino-themed paper craft activities: Discover the wonders of our country and colorful local culture
    • Family urban hike or explore by Bambike and marvel at the various art installations that adorn Bonifacio Global City
    • Art scavenger hunt featuring trivia questions on the art works displayed in the hotel

Check-In at Shangri-La Fort

The kids and I entered the front lobby. Before entering, we went through the usual bag checks.

Surrending the bags for screening
Surrending the bags for screening

We checked in on a Friday afternoon, so their lobby had more people inside than our previous staycations.

Waiting for our turn at the Shangri-La Fort
Waiting for our turn at the Shangri-La Fort

I had to wait in line for my turn to check in. When it was my turn, I asked the receptionist where the Scavenger Hunt would be because it was our first activity. Unfortunately, she didn’t know and had to ask about it. Anyway, we got our key cards then we headed into our room.

Room – Deluxe High Street View Room

The Bedroom

We booked the Deluxe Room, but surprise, surprise! Our room got upgraded to the Deluxe High Street View Room!

Here’s a little walkthrough of the room.

The cabinets are on the left, and the bathroom is right upon entering. They provided two sets of robes, slippers, and laundry bags like other hotels. The room also came with an ironing board and iron inside a pull-out cabinet. In addition, a safety box was inside the floating cabinet. Lastly, there was a space to place our luggage and extra storage under it.

Here’s our King-sized bed, complete with side drawers on each side. There was a two-seater sofa and table by the window too.

Shangri La Fort Deluxe High Street Room
Shangri-La Fort Deluxe High Street Room King-sized Bed

Across the bedroom, we found a Shangri-La Fort hygiene kit by the television. They provided us with ample drinking water and hot drink selections.

Inside our care kit were two surgical masks, one pack of Sterilization wet wipes, and a bottle of hand sanitizer. As for the hot drinks, they had Artisans coffee and Shangri-La teas available for us to make on our own.

Our favorite was the spread of activity materials and snacks for the kids in the room.

They gave the kids several coloring sheets, coloring materials, colored papers, stickers, and glue. We appreciate that we had fruits, chips, and cookies to choose from.

Shangri-La Fort Kids Activities and Snacks
Shangri-La Fort Kids Activities and Snacks

The kids grabbed the coloring sheets and started to color right away.

The kids busy with the activities
The kids busy with the activities

The Bathroom

The kids were so excited because the bathroom came with the tub. Because we had limited swimming time, they used the tub for extended water time.

Shangri La Fort Deluxe Room Bathroom
Shangri-La Fort Deluxe Room Bathroom

Shangri-La Fort provided us with a L’Occitane bath set and lotion. Look, there are extra water bottles given to us too.

Shangri-La Fort Amenities and Activities

We selected the Scavenger Hunt and Urban Garden visit and bee farm tour as our Family Fun Package activities. Our swimming pool time was scheduled at a later time, so we had the Urgan Garden visit and Bee Farm tour first.

Urban Garden Visit and Bee Farm Tour

We met with our activity coordinator at Kerry Sports. She oriented us with the activities and offered to help us with the restaurant bookings too.

She then led us to our first activity, the Bee Farm Tour, which was on the same floor.

Heading to the Bee Farm Tour

Before the activity started, Boni dropped by to say Hi and have a quick photo op with us.

Okay, back to the Bee Farm Tour. We didn’t go to the actual bee farm, but Coach provided the kids with interesting facts and trivia about the bees. She had a presentation ready, and she also showed the kids a real but lifeless bee.

After the quick lecture, the kids got their hands dirty when they planted their choice of seeds. After planting, the kids placed their pots in the garden outside. It was nice to see the other herbs that the other kids sowed. The herbs looked so happy and healthy.

Before we headed off to our next activity, kids received a bottle of honey made by the bees in Shangri-La Fot. Sweet!

Honey from Shangri-La Fort Bees
Honey from Shangri-La Fort Bees

Art Scavenger Hunt

After checking out the lap pool and the tennis court near the herb garden, we started with the Art Scavenger Hunt.

The Boni the Bull Scavenger Hunt sheets were given as part of the activity set in our room. The kids had to answer the series of questions as they visited the hotel’s different places for clues.

The staff at the stops we went to were so helpful. When the kids finished the scavenger hunt, and after our swim, they claimed their prizes from the Shangri-La Fort Bake House. They got yummy Iced Chocolate drinks.

Swim at the Pool

Guests were limited to an hour of pool use. We were able to get the 5:30 to 6:30 PM timeslot on our first day. Since the pool is on the 8th floor, it’s best to get the morning or mid-afternoon time slot because it can get windy and cold, especially at night.

We were able to swim on our second at 11 AM to 12NN, and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Shangri-La Fort Restaurants

High Street Cafe

The package included buffet breakfast in High Street Cafe.

High Street Welcome Sign
High Street Welcome Sign

High Street Cafe looked like an elegant food hall offering various breakfast options. There were Continental, Filipino, Chinese breakfast options, and more.

They also had a Cold Cuts and Cheese section, which I didn’t see from the other hotels we stayed in.

Different breads and yogurts are also available.

High Street - Yogurt and Bread Station
High Street – Yogurt and Bread Station

Apart from the hot coffee, High Street Cafe brewed tea upon request. Thye also had an area specifically for cold juices.

While we were having our breakfast, we received a surprise gift. A bottle of Chardonnay, Boni the Bull stuffed toy, and a handwritten note for us were in the box.

Raging Bull

We had dinner at Raging Bull Burger, which serves premium burger with handcrafted patties and their very own secret sauce.

Raging Bull Counter
Raging Bull Counter

The burger patties were juicy and matched very well with the Raging burger sauce and veggies. It satisfied our hungry tummies after all the walking and swimming all day.


We tried Peruvian cuisine at Samba after our morning swim. Unfortunately, the restaurant was packed on a Sunday lunchtime, but we managed to get a table by the pool. Note to Self: Book ahead of time.

We enjoyed our lunch especially the Arroz con Mariscos and Tres Leches.

Tips When Booking or Staying in Shangri-La Fort

Join the Shangri-La Golden Circle

Before booking, make sure you are a Shangri-La Golden Circle member to earn credits every time you stay at any Shangri-La hotel worldwide. Also, your 6-year-old and below kids can enjoy the buffet at any of the all-day dining venues. If you have kids seven years old and older, you can avail of a 50% discount for buffet meals.

Get the Stay and Play Package

If you have kids, get the Stay and Play package to maximize your stay. The kids enjoyed the activities and we loved that we were able to check-out at 4 PM the next day.

The package is even better now that the Adventure zone is open starting this month!

Stay during on a weekday

Book a weekday stay to avoid crowds. There are usually more guests and events during the weekends.

Reserve your timeslots for activities and restaurants ASAP

The pool slots and restaurants space can get filled up quickly. Plan your activities and reserve them right away. If you get the Fun package, you can coordinate with the assigned contact for the activities.

Hope this blog post helps you decide on your next staycation.


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