First Day of Homeschool

July 13 was a special day for us as my little girl started her first day of homeschooling. To be honest, I was probably more excited than her. (Ha!) She was supposed to attend pre-school this year but because of the pandemic, my husband and I have decided it is best for her to be homeschooled.

I wanted us to remember this milestone and so I made her All About Me worksheet. The All About Me spreadsheet asks for the child’s basic details. Since my daughter can write, but cannot read words yet, I guided her through what is written on the sheet.

The worksheet can be used by any level, and can be filled up according to your preference. For instance, your child can choose to use stamp, stickers or drawing to fill up the favorites section.

You can also have the All About Me printable by downloading the file below. If you have boys at home, don’t worry! There is also an All About Me printable for them too!

I hope you found these printables fun and useful!


While the printables are free to download, please refrain from sharing digital or hardcopy to others. Kindly direct them to this direct post instead.

Please feel free to put in your feedback below. You can also tag my account, @everydaymomdayph, on Instagram or Facebook when you use the printables.

Thanks so much!

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