First Day of School Printable Signs

It’s the first day of school for 2021!

First off, congratulations on finishing the school year 2020-2021! I hope you and your kids had a restful school break and are ready for a new learning adventure.

Last year, I started a tradition with my daughter to have her photo with the All About Me worksheet. Her first day of school is an important milestone that I want to track because I like to see the changes in her physical appearance, her handwriting, and preferences.

Our tradition continues this year, and I have made new sets of printables for her to use and share.

For those like us who have just started or who are about to begin their school year, I hope you check out our First of School printables.

For this school year, I have made two sets of printables for you to choose from.

First Day of School Printables

First Day of School Sign Printable for SY 2021 – 2022

For those who want a straightforward sign, this printable is right for you.

There are two sets available – one for girls and one for boys. Each pack contains a blank portion to allow your kid to write his/her grade level. There are also ready-to-print pages for levels Pre-Kinder to Grade 6.

Proud Kinder student
Proud Kinder student
My First Day in School Sign For Girls
My First Day in School Sign For Boys

All About Me Printable

For those like me who prefer a slam book type of printable to mark this milestone, the All About Me worksheets are for you.

You can choose from an English or Filipino version.

Here’s a sample of how it will look like after a child answers it. Don’t forget to have a pencil, a recent 2×2 photo, and glue ready before your child does the activity! You can also let your child draw instead of writing his/her favorite things and ambition.

My First Day in School For Girls - Filipino
My First Day in School For Girls - English

Don’t worry! I have another set for the boys too!

If you want to see other designs, visit my last year’s blog post.


While the printables are free to download, please refrain from sharing digital or hardcopy with others. Kindly direct them to this direct post instead.

Please feel free to put in your feedback below. You can also tag my account, @everydaymomdayph, on Instagram or Facebook when you use the printables.

Thanks so much!


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  1. Laking tulong neto sa aming mga ina , colourful and fun and learning. thanks for sharing.

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