Food Groups Activities for Kids

We are getting to know our food better, and so we are discussing the different food groups.  Yes, you are right!  We are studying Go, Grow, and Glow food.  Let’s zoom into the different food groups.

So to quickly recap –

  • Go Food – gives us energy.
  • Grow Food – helps build or muscles.
  • Glow Food – are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Let’s dive into the activities we did for this topic.

Food Groups Activities

Include discussion over lunch and dinner

During lunch and dinner time, we talk about our food and which category it falls under.  We also let her know the importance of having a balanced meal so that we become strong and healthy.

Note:  We are not the healthiest eaters, but we try. 😊  Note to self, meal plan must have ensured complete meal! Include the little girl in the planning!

Sort the food into the food groups

We have some plastic food toys from cooking pretend toys and language objects. We did a sorting game on our mat for more body movement.

Complete Fun worksheets

I have 2 sets of printable worksheets you can also use.

First is the Food Group Plate.  We pretended it is time to eat, and she has to fill her plate with a well-balanced meal.  It is a sort of role-playing and sorting game at the same time. This also illustrates that we should eat more Glow food (fruits and vegetables) over the food groups.

There are different sets of food you can use for this activity and you may tweak to lessen the food depending on the age of your child. You may also opt to cut it to trace the food or have your child cut it by the box.

Second set is the Food Group Chart.  You can use it as supplement activity or an assessment activity.

Extend the lesson to discuss Healthy and UnHealthy Food

Pretend to go grocery shopping. The goal is to only get the food that are healthy and leave the unhealthy food on the shelf.

A simple worksheet also available for download

Download Printables Here


While the printables are free to download, please refrain from sharing digital or hardcopy to others. Kindly direct them to this direct post instead. Please feel free to put in your feedback below.

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Hope your kids love it!

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