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We wanted to try out camping in a tent but couldn’t give up the little luxuries from home. So, we decided to go glamping instead.

When I was researching places for glamping, Seoul Stay popped up. The photos enticed us to give it a try. Here’s how our trip went.

Booking and Reservation at Seoul Stay

I made my inquiry and reservation through the Seoul Stay Facebook page. When the original date I wanted was not available, they sent me the link to their calendar. I need to set your expectation that they can get fully booked fast. I booked the Love Tent last November to get a slot in February.

After confirming the availability of the Love Tent, I was asked to review their Terms and Conditions and then register in a Google form to formalize my booking. In the google form, I also attached the screenshot of my downpayment.

Day of the Stay


Seoul Stay’s standard check-in time is 3 PM, so before heading there, we stopped by Coffee Rush to eat brunch and Angono Petroglyphs to view the ancient carvings. Both are inside Eastridge Village in Binangonan.

We got a little lost going to Seoul Stay because we used Seoul Stay Binangonan as our Waze pin. So take note to use Seoul Stay Cardona as your pin.

Seoul Stay is located along Manila E. road. Their gate was locked, so we had to message them to tell them we were at the gate.

The Seoul Stay entryway is narrow and steep. Before entering, the staff told us to turn off the car’s aircon. We didn’t turn off our SUV but we were able to drive up with no problems. For cars with manual transmission, it’s probably best to follow the no aircon rule.

After driving straight through the driveway, we had to turn left to park.

We were asked to wait outside at the table and bench by the Cinema while we waited for the other guests to check-in.

Waiting Area by the Cinema

When it was our turn, I went inside the Main House. I was asked to fill up a Health Declaration Form and read their house rules.

Being in Seoul stay is like being transported to a village in Korea. The Main House is similar to the Hanok houses that we often see in Koreanovelas on TV. The beige hue of the tents, landscape, and wooden furniture added to Seoul Stay’s minimalist and Korean-themed style. As you can see, all of the wooden signs have Korean language translations.

We were officially checked in after they handed me the keys to the tent and the bathroom, we were officially checked in. The staff helped us bring our things to the Love tent, just across the Main House.

On the wooden deck where the love tent was set up, there was a wooden table with benches and a small round plunge pool on the wooden deck where the love tent was set up. Since the bathroom is within walking distance from the tent, they provided a container with water that was suitable for handwashing.

The Love Tent can fit up to 4 people inside. Inside the tent were two mattresses, a small table, a small lamp, an electric fan, and a small air conditioner. No need to worry about charging the gadgets because there were sockets available.


The bathrooms were located on the far side of the Main House. Each tent had a designated bathroom with a shower. Bathrooms were locked to make sure that guests would only use their assigned bathrooms.

The Love tent bathroom has an industrial finish. It was clean and spacious.

Activities inside Seoul Stay

Lounge at the Plunge Pool

Every tent has its own plunge pool. The love tent has a round pool that is roughly 3 feet. My daughter enjoyed being in the water.

Shoot Arrows at the Archery Zone

Seoul Stay had an area for soft archery. The area can accommodate one adult or one child. They only used suction cup arrows so it is completely safe.

Practice Swings at the Driving Range

Just beside the soft archery was the driving range. There was a bucket full of plastic balls and a golf carry bag with different clubs.

We were able to use the driving range and archery on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. The number of hours you can use it depends on its availability.

Watch Movies at the Cinema

The Outdoor cinema runs 2 movies starting at 6 PM. During our stay, they played How to Train a Dragon and a Korean Movie. Since we were having our dinner, we just watch from the Love Tent deck.

Food at Seoul Stay

Nora’s Cafe

We ordered our drinks from Nora’s Cafe which was steps away from the Love Tent. Nora Cafe offers an assortment of hot and cold coffee, cold refreshments, soda, and alcoholic beverages. We had an option to order directly or to send them a Viber message for our orders. Nora Cafe is open from 8 AM to 8 PM.

For afternoon refreshments, we ordered their cold drinks. I had their summer drink which had a passionfruit base, my husband had the Galaxy drink which had a fruity taste with soda, and my daughter had their Iced tea. Our daughter also ordered Nutella Bungeoppan, a fish-shaped bread with Nutella filling. Yum!

Quick break after we checked in
Quick break after we checked in

Seoul Kitchen by Mr. Kimchuruela

The stay at Seoul Stay won’t be complete without a Samgyup feast from Seoul Kitchen. It offers a selection of Korean Street foods, an Alacarte menu, and Samgyupsal sets. For kids, they also have several kid-approved meals.

For dinner, we ordered the Incheon Set (P749). The set already includes 250g of Beef, 250g of Pork, 1 set of Lettuce, Kimchi, Gamji Jorim, Sukju Namul Munchim, Pickled Onion, Gochujang, and Cheese Sauce. The set was already good for 2-3 people.

For my daughter, we ordered Fried Chicken poppers (P155).

After eating our dinner, we went to the bonfire area just beside the Love Tent deck. Seoul Stay provided us with a complimentary Smores Kit that included graham crackers, chocolates, and marshmallows. However, my daughter wanted more marshmallows so we ordered another set (P100).

We enjoyed the free breakfast that was included in our package. Even though we were only 3, they gave us 4 sets of meals.

For our set meals, we had the option to choose Gyeran Mari & Sausages or Spam & Egg and Stir-Fried Rice or Toasted Egg. I recommend ordering Spam & Egg with Stir-Fried Rice.

Seoul Stay Breakfast for 4
Seoul Stay Breakfast for 4

What You Should Know Before Staying in Seoul Stay


We stayed last February and the weather was just right. We didn’t need to wear jackets at night.

Available Accommodations

Seoul Stay has 4 tents guests can select from.

  • Love Tent – can accommodate 2-4 pax. P8,000
  • Friend Tent – can accommodate 4-6 pax P10,000
  • Family Tent – can accommodate 6-10 pax P15, 000
  • Honey Tent – can accommodate 2-4 pax P9,000

Accommodations include free use of their amenities, WIFI, breakfast, a jug of water, smores kit. Check-in time is 3:00 PM and Check-out time is 1:00 PM.

** Rates are as of April 2022.


Guests are not allowed to bring food except for chips. Corkage fees will apply in the event that guests bring outside food.

Other Tips

  • Book ahead of time. They only have 4 tents and they get booked quickly.
  • Bring mosquito repellant. We actually didn’t have an issue with mosquitoes and the tent has an electric mosquito zapper. However, it is best to be ready because the area has many plants and trees.
  • Bring an eye mask if you need to be in a dark place to sleep. The lamp posts outside make it bright inside the tent.
  • Expect to hear noises from the transportations traveling along Manila E. Road.

Other Rules

  • Pets are not allowed. Penalties will apply.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the deck area. Penalties will apply.
  • Extensions will be subjected to availability and rate adjustments.
  • Food is not allowed inside the tent.

Seoul Stay Contact Details



Address: 43 Manila E Road Cardona Rizal

Contact Number: 0927 559 7342

If you have any questions, please comment down below.

Till my next blog post,

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