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As parents, we put a lot of emphasis on the value of education. But, as much as we want to teach our kids ourselves, we may face different challenges. Some of us may not have the time because of work or the patience to teach. Maybe for some, we may have forgotten the lessons ourselves, and the subject may be complex for us, too.

The struggle is real, but that’s what tutors can help us with. Tutors from Chalkboard have helped me with my daughter’s learning journey. So let me share our experience with you.

What is Chalkboard?

Chalkboard is a learning platform that helps parents by connecting them with competent online tutors. Their tutors undergo a screening process to ensure they are proficient and skillful.

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Why Choose Chalkboard?

Here are some reasons I book Chalkboard for my daughter’s learning needs.

Variety of Subjects to Learn from Capable Tutors

Parents, like me, can book tutorial services for the following: 

  • Academic Subjects : Math, Science, Filipino, English, Araling Panlipunan, TLE, EPP
  • Coding, Robotics, Web Design
  • Reading
  • Music, Arts, and Languages
  • Other Subjects: Vlogging, Public Speaking, Entrepreneurship

So far, we have booked tutors for Art and Filipino subjects. I am happy with how my chosen tutors handled the sessions. Both tutors we booked presented themselves professionally, remained patient with my six-year-old daughter, and personalized the lessons according to my child’s level and needs.

Learning is fun with a Chalkboard Tutor


I appreciate that I can choose tutors according to their profile, schedule, reviews, and rates.

I  can book the tutor for a single session or multiple sessions at one time. It is convenient, especially for parents who want to try out tutorial services for the first time. 

There’s no obligation to book packages, so parents can choose to book the tutor for future sessions or try out another tutor. 


The tutor rate per hour varies from P 229+ to P550+ depending on their experience and expertise.   Parents can choose according to their budget.

Multiple Payment Options

Another plus point for me is the variety of payment options for parents. For example, I use my credit card via PayPal to securely pay for the sessions. 

Other Chalkboard payment methods include: 

  • Online Banking: BPI, BDO, RCBC, Metrobank, UnionBank, MayBank, Robinsons Bank
  • E-wallets: Gcash, Grabpay, coins.ph, Alipay, WeChatPay,
  • Paypal
  • Credit Cards
  • Dragonpay

Progress Updates

Chalkboard tutors provide updates through the Learner’s Notes file. This way, parents know the lesson for each session and feedback on their child.

Here’s what it looks like.

Chalkboard Lesson Notes
Lesson Notes from a Chalkboard Tutor

Schedule Reminders

Chalkboard sends SMS and email reminders so parents don’t forget their kids’ sessions. This is super helpful for busy parents.

Chalkboard Email Reminders
Chalkboard Email Reminders

Excellent Customer Service

Their customer service is available to address any questions or issues. They can be contacted via the website, WhatsApp, or Facebook messenger.

I had a pleasant experience with them when I had to reschedule a booked schedule with my tutor. They responded immediately to my email and coordinated the rescheduling with my tutor. 

Overall, we had a very pleasant experience with Chalkboard and would recommend it for other parents to try too!

You can visit their website or check out their Facebook or Instagram accounts for more information about Chalkboard.

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