Setting  Up a Home Cinema on a Budget with LUMOS DAWN Smart Home Cinema Projector

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These days, most of us rely on our smart gadgets for our gaming and viewing pleasures. But as convenient as it may be to watch on our IPADs, tablets, or smartphones, the experience is not quite the same as watching an action-packed movie or series in the cinema.

LUMOS projectors are the perfect solution for our desire to stay in the comforts of our homes but still get that cinema-like experience!

I am thrilled to get my own unit of the newly released LUMOS DAWN Smart Home Cinema this year. I am quite happy with my LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema, so I am excited to see how this affordable home cinema projector compares to its predecessor.

Go to my LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector blog post to check my product review.

LUMOS DAWN Smart Home Cinema Projector Unboxing

Here’s a sneak peek of the newly released LUMOS DAWN Smart Home Cinema Projector.

Read on to find out my first-hand experience with this projector.

Why LUMOS DAWN Smart Home Cinema Projector gives value for money

Compact Build and Size

LUMOS DAWN Smart Home Cinema Projector

The LUMOS DAWN Smart Home Cinema Projector measures 20 x 7 x 16 cm and weighs only .75 kg.  It is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector.

Its weight and size make it easy to move around the house or even bring along during travels.  It can be placed on a flat surface like a table or attached to a tripod.

Huge Projector Screen Size

Do we need to sacrifice the projector image because the projector is smaller?  With LUMOS DAWN Smart Home Cinema Projector, we can enjoy an image projection of up to 125 inches with a 4.5 m distance from the wall.  That’s still quite large, right?

In terms of size, televisions, laptops, and smartphones cannot match the projector image size.

Vivid Image Resolution and Clear Audio

The LUMOS DAWN Smart Home Cinema projector can support up to 1080p with its 600p native Blu-ray.   It comes with 2500 lumens, allowing viewers to appreciate the show without ambient lighting. If you have a dedicated home theater or a room with ambient lighting, this projector is suitable for you! 

According to projectorpeople, the recommended lumens for a dedicated home theater is 1000 lumens.  On the other hand, rooms with some ambient lighting only require 1500 lumens. 

To give you an idea of the viewing experience, here is a comparison of daytime viewing and nighttime viewing.

During the day, there was light seeping through our curtains, but the projected image was still vibrant. Even the text in the subtitle was still readable.

During the night, the image is clearer and more vibrant. So while viewing in a dark room is best, we can still enjoy viewing or gaming any time of the day.

Screen during nighttime


The LUMOS DAWN Smart Home Cinema Projector is intuitive and easy to set up.  Because it is plug-and-play, even a tech noob can independently set it up.   The projector comes with a remote control to navigate the apps, an HDMI cable to enable connection with laptops or gaming consoles, a power cable, and an AV cable.

The user interface is relatively easy to navigate and tinker with.   Users have the option to put the remote on mouse mode, although personally, I prefer to use the regular mode.

The cables might be short depending on where you will place your projector and external gadgets, but they can be easily replaced by the generic cables available in the market.

LUMOS DAWNSmart Home Cinema Projector with all its inclusions

Built-in Special Features

LUMOS DAWN Smart Home Cinema Projector already has installed our streaming favorites, Netflix and YouTube. It is all set and ready to use!

Youtube video played by LUMOS DAWN Smart Home Cinema

For music lovers and podcast listeners like me, we can connect our Spotify via Bluetooth connection for non-stop listening.

I tried to play audio podcasts and video podcasts on Spotify, and both worked great. The audio and video were clear as well!

Spotify Podcast with Video on LUMOS Dawn

Gamers will also appreciate this projector.  Game consoles such as Nintendo Switch and PlayStation can be projected by hooking them up via HDMI cables.  Mobile phone gamers also have the option to cast their games through the screen mirroring.  This works for iPhone and Android users.

PS5 gaming experience using LUMOS DAWN Smart Home Cinema Projector

More Apps Available

If you are a fan of other streaming services, such as Disney+ or HBO Go, don’t worry! These apps are available for download through the google play store.

If you are looking for educational streaming services, TED talks are also available. There is also a Tiktok app available so that you can watch away!

  All you need is a google play store account, and you can add more apps to your LUMOS DAWN Home Cinema Projector. Here are some of the other apps available for download.


LUMOS DAWN Regular Home Cinema Projector is now available for Pre-order for only P 6,999. This variant can be connected to any device, such as a laptop, USB, or TV box, to display.

If you are looking for the additional capability to cast your phone wirelessly and connect to Netflix, Youtube, Casting apps, Playstore, and Bluetooth, choose the LUMOS DAWN Smart Home Cinema Projector.  For P 8,999, it already has an Android OS and is WIFI enabled.

The price includes FREE delivery and a free HDMI cable if you buy it now.

Tips for Setting Up the Home Cinema using the LUMOS DAWN Smart Home Cinema Projector

  1. Choose a dark room with a blank white wall. (Our wall is light gray, and it works just fine!)
  2. Place LUMOS DAWN Smart Home Cinema projector on a high table and project images and videos at your desired height. To maximize the screen size of 125 inches, place the projector 3 meters away from the wall.
  3. Follow the setup options that pop up when you first turn on the projector.
  4. Prepare your favorite movie snack. Something crunchy sounds good.
  5. Choose a show or movie to watch. 
LUMOS DAWN on Tripod

That’s it!

More About LUMOS

LUMOS is known to produce the best quality home projectors in Singapore and Malaysia. Because of rave reviews and a significant following, it has made its way here to the Philippines.

Where to find the LUMOS DAWN Home Cinema Projector

LUMOS DAWN Home Cinema projectors are only available online through their official website. 

Reminder:  Only transact with the official website.

If you are looking for a gift for a special someone or yourself, this is the sign you are waiting for. So bring the cinema home, and get a LUMOS DAWN Smart Home Cinema Projector .

Till Next Blog,


** The LUMOS RAY projector was sent as a gift, but the review is based on my viewing experience.

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