Creating the Perfect Cinema at Home Experience: A LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector Review

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For the past two years, my family and I have watched shows and movies on demand through smartphones, laptops, or smart TV. And you know what I miss? It’s lounging on the cinema chair with a popcorn box in hand while looking at the massive screen. It’s quite challenging to create that experience when looking at a 6-inch screen, right. But I have found the solution – LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector.

Closer Look at the LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector

I have seen so many positive online reviews, which intrigued me to see firsthand how this smart home cinema projector from Singapore will fare. So I excitedly unboxed and tested out the LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema with my family.

LUMOS RAY Unboxing Video

After trying out all its features, here’s my honest review and things I love about the LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector.

Compact Build and Size

LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema
LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector

It measures 16 x 17 x 15 cm and weighs 1.2 kg, making it portable and perfect for home and travel.   It’s easy to move it around with its leather strap.  

In addition, it blends nicely into different home interior styles because of its modern and minimalist design. See how it matches our home.

My only wish is that they produce a matching case to protect it during travels. 

Large Projector Image

Don’t let the size fool you. With just a 1.5m distance from the wall, the LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector can already project up to 50 inches of screen.   If you have larger space, it can project up to 150 inches of screen at a 3m distance.  

For our room size, 2.5m distance was enough to fill our wall with optimum display clarity.

Smartphones or laptops cannot match that massive screen and cinema-like experience.

Vivid Image Resolution and Clear Audio

The LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema projector is a short-throw projector with 720p native resolution but can support up to 1080p. It’s equipped with 3000 lumens, which is above the usual home projector that comes at 1000 lumens. It is at par and is well within the recommended lumen range for multipurpose spaces.

To put it to test, I set it up in our bedroom, which was pitch black at night because of blackout curtains. I played a Netflix series, and I must say that it was an elevated viewing experience. The projector produced sufficient light output, vivid image quality, and surround sound. Even though our wall is light gray, the images are projected very well.

Even during the day, this smart projector delivers a decent screen output in the bedroom with a bit of light seeping in through the blackout curtains.  I was pleasantly surprised with the clarity and vibrance of the display even if it was relatively brighter during the day.

Easy to Use

Setup is such a breeze! The LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector is plug-and-play, perfect for non-techie gals like me. The projector comes with a remote control to navigate the apps, an HDMI cable to enable connection with laptops or gaming consoles, and an AV cable.

LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector with all its inclusions

The user interface is relatively easy to navigate and tinker with.   The remote provides an option to be on mouse mode too. Although, I find that it’s easier and faster to use the regular navigation mode than the mouse mode.

Built-in Special Features

LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector is not your standard projector. It already has Netflix and Youtube installed. These two apps are enough for us Filipinos to fulfill our binge-watching sprees.

Music Video from youtube

Apart from this, it allows Bluetooth connection, so connecting Spotify to it is easy!

Playing music over a Bluetooth connection

Connecting game consoles such as Nintendo Switch and Playstation is possible too! For those who like to play mobile games can cast through screen mirroring. No cables, no mess!

Great price point

Other projectors with similar technical specifications can cost up to P 20,000 or more. LUMOS RAY Regular Home Cinema Projector is such a steal at P 8,999. Connect it to any input such as a laptop, USB, or TV box to display.

But if you are like me, who like the whole cinema experience and added capability to connect Netflix, Youtube, Casting apps, Playstore, and Bluetooth. In that case, LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector is the way to go! At 11,999, it already has an Android OS and is WIFI enabled.

The price includes FREE delivery and a free HDMI cable if you buy it now.

Tips for Setting Up the Home Cinema using the LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector

  1. Find a dark room with a blank white wall.
  2. Place LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema projector on a high table or mount it on a tripod to project images and videos at your desired height.
  3. Prepare your go-to snack. Popcorn is my number 1 choice.
  4. Select your show or movie of choice. Sit back and relax!
LUMOS RAY on Tripod

Home Cinema Setup is just a 4-step process! Easy peasy!

More About LUMOS

LUMOS is known to produce the best quality home projectors in Singapore and Malaysia. Because of rave reviews and a significant following, it has made its way here in the Philippines.

Where to find the LUMOS RAY

LUMOS Ray Home Cinema projectors are only available online through their official website

Reminder:  Only transact with the official website.

If you are looking for a gift for a special someone or yourself, this is the sign you are waiting for. So bring the cinema home, and get a LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector.

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** The LUMOS RAY projector was sent as a gift, but the review is based on my viewing experience.

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  1. I do love it for the whole family to enjoy! Home cinema at its best! We do love watching together! What a nice product

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