Exploring Tanay: Momarco Forest Cove Resort

Our family continues to explore the treasures of Rizal province.  We decided to stay overnight in Momarco Forest Cove Resort in Tanay, Rizal.

The resort offers different types of accommodations.  You can stay in the hotel, casitas, houses, and dorm-type barracks.   

After our side trip lunch at Balaw Balaw, we headed to Momarco Forest Cove Resort.  The resort had ample parking for guests and had an open-air reception area.

Getting into the Momarco property seems like getting into an endless line of dense trees.   When we got into the resort, we drove to the reception area to drop off our bags and check-in. 

After check-in, a staff assisted us with our bags and brought us to our Casita.

Momarco Forest Cove and Resort Reception Area

Ten things I liked about the Momarco Forest and Cove Resort

Online Reservation

I like to do my transactions online, and so the Momarco’s website gets a plus from me.  Their website has information and photos about their resort, and guests may book and pay for their accommodation online.  I reserved the room on the website, received a confirmation email, and just had to wait until our booking date.  It was that easy!

Lush Trees and Landscape around the Resort

On our way to the Casita and around the resort, we passed by tall trees and beautiful plants. The surrounding is quiet; we can only hear the rustling of the leaves and the chirping of the birds.

Big Pool for All Ages

From our Casita, we had to walk for a few minutes to get to the pool. We had to walk down several stairs from the Casita.

On our way to the Swimming Pool

The big swimming pool is in the center of the resort. The pool is probably around 4-6 feet and has ropes to divide the pool into depth. There is a lifeguard on duty to watch over the guests.

Momarco Forest and Cove Resort Swimming Pool

There is also a small round pool which is around 1 foot, and is perfect for families with young kids.

Momarco Forest Cove and Resort Baby Pool

My daughter was fond of the tube on the center, and she turned it into a vase and filled it with dried leaves.

Momarco Forest Cove and Resort Baby Pool

Man-made Lagoon

The man-made lagoon is our favorite.  We swam there on the first and second day.

Since the trees surround the lagoon, dried leaves fall on the water from time to time. My daughter liked getting the leaves out of the water and then piling them on the side of the pool. She happily counted the leaves she got and then would carry on with scavenging for more leaves.

Collecting Leaves

Playground for Kids

We went to the playground several times during our stay because it was on the way to the pool area and the restaurant from the Casita.

The playground seemed sturdy and safe for kids.

Mini Zoo

The animals in the mini zoo are mostly in cages.  They have different kinds of snakes and birds.  They also had a koi pond, which we were so fond of.


My husband booked me a 45 minutes massage.  I am not sure if they do the massage in the hotel rooms because I had my massage in their Spa room. 

The massage room was clean and was dimly-lit. Only the bamboos and the trees outside covered the room so I could hear sounds from outside.

The massage I had was good and I almost fell asleep.

The only downside of the experience was the masseuse was late for my service even though we booked the massage the day before.

Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Bar and Mini Store

Guests staying in the Casitas and houses have the option to cook/grill their food. As for us, we chose to eat dinner in the Lanai restaurant instead.

The food is good and resonably priced. The service and attentiveness to guests can be improved though.

They also have a coffee shop and KTV. I was not able to take good photos of our night drinks because of the dim lighting inside. We were happy with our drinks and snack. I had their hot chocolate, and my husband had SanMig Light while our daughter had ice cream.

Inside the coffee shop, they also have a mini grocery that sells snacks, drinks, swimming gears are sold. The reception has snacks and souvenirs for sale too.

Great for Pictorials

Momarco Forest Cove Resort is vast and it has a lot of areas that are good for pictorials. Here are some of the pictures we have taken in the resort.

Value for Money

We opted to stay in a Casita because it has a King-sized bed and because it was relatively cheaper than the hotel room that had a queen-sized bed with a single-sized bed.

The main difference between the Casita and the hotel room was it’s location. The hotel rooms are on the main building and right above the reception and Lanai restaurant. The Casita rooms do not have any intercom, so we cannot have any room in service, unlike in hotel rooms.

We didn’t mind that Casita was at the other end of the resort because the walk going to the restaurant or the pool is a good exercise.

We enjoyed our stay in Momarco Resort and we feel we really got more for the money we spent.


  • Bring insect repellent lotion or spray.
  • Expect to see insects around the resort since it is surrounded by lots of trees.
  • Maximize your stay and spend more time outdoors.
  • Check out other attractions in Tanay like Treasure Mountain for side trips before or after your stay
  • You can visit Momarco for a day trip. They have cabanas and commons showers for day trips.
  • They offer team building packages, so check them out for your companies too.

For reservations and more information about Momarco Forest Cove Resort, check out their details below.

Momarco Forest Cove Resort

Sampaloc Road, Sitio Bathala,  Bgy. Plaza Aldea, Tanay, Rizal

+63-9178513623 +63-9285595306 +63-9278229865


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  1. Maganda dito momshie kapag gusto mo talagang mag relax.
    For me “Relaxation place”❤️😍

  2. omg! the swimming pool, ang laki! I love the lagoon too and spa. I cant believe i missed this when i was still from the east. But will surely come back and check out these places with the kids.

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