Our EDSA Shangri-La Hotel Staycation

We spent the first week of December on a series of staycations across the metro. We actually booked our room at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel the day before our check-in, and it was a good decision to stay here.

Booking and Reservation

So I booked the room over the call, and I opted to prepay the room via credit card. Don’t worry; I didn’t give my credit card details over the phone. The agent emailed the link for the secure payment, and from there, I was able to complete the booking and payment.

Check In

My husband dropped us and our things off the lobby. The personnel promptly assisted us. As usual, we and all the bags went through the scanner. Additionally, we checked our temperature and filled up Health Declaration Forms.

Entrance to Edsa Shangri La
Entrance to Edsa Shangri-La

After that, we went straight to the reception to check-in.

Edsa Shangri La Reception
Edsa Shangri-La Reception

As expected, the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel looked grand and elegantly festive. My daughter was delighted to see the Christmas bears and Christmas trees of different sizes.

It felt safe being inside the hotel. Everyone was warm and adhering to the safety protocols.

Edsa Shangri La Reception Display
Edsa Shangri La Christmas Tree
Photo Taken Before we left

My daughter was able to roam around freely. She was drawn to the bakeshop with its charming pastries.

Edsa Shangri La Bake Shop
Walking towards Edsa Shangri-La Bake Shop

Room – EDSA Shangri-La Tower King Deluxe Room

The elevator lobby has footprint stickers guiding the guest of their position as we await our turn to ride the lift.

We saw the same set of stickers on the floor as we entered the elevator. I know it may sound silly, but we did stay on those stickers even though it was always just the three of us in the lift.

Edsa Shangri La Elevator
Positions everybody

The Shangri-La door sign on the doorknob reassured us that the room had been sanitized for our safety.

Edsa Shangri La Assurance
Edsa Shangri- La Assurance

The Bedroom

As we entered our room, the cabinets were on our right. One of the cabinets has two robes, hangers, an iron board, iron slippers, and laundry bags. By the way, we were able to use their laundry services. They were able to give back our dry-cleaned formal wear before 9 am the next day as requested.

Edsa Shangri La Room Cabinet

Here’s the king-sized bed. It was clean and crisp when we came in. Excuse the wrinkles; my daughter already lay down on it before I could take the photo.

Edsa Shangri La Tower Wing Deluxe Room
Our bed. It’s wrinkly already because our little girl tried it out as soon as we came in.

There was also a desk for when we needed to do some work.

Edsa Shangri La Room Desk

Here’s a little area to eat, lounge around, or write notes in my daughter’s case.

Little girl writing notes

Apart from the complimentary water, there were artisan coffee and tea provided. Also, we received complimentary snacks comprised of banana chips and banana bread, which my little girl really loved.

Complimentary Banana Bread

There was also a hygiene kit waiting for us on the TV console. The kit includes a face mask, 2 alcohol pads, plastic gloves, and alcohol bottle.

The Bathroom

Our bathroom was clean and had ample supply of toiletries. We were able to easily request extra bath towel for my daughter.

EDSA Shangri-La Amenities and Activities

Play at the Cubs and Cubbies Playroom

First on our list is to play in the cubs and cubbies playroom. We had to book a time slot before going to the playroom, and we had the playroom all to ourselves.

The room had a mix of different playsets, and our little girl’s eyes just beamed when she saw the room. Like most kids these days, it has been more than a year since she has experienced playing in an indoor playground, so you can just imagine her joy.

The room had plastic slides, a seesaw, big wooden blocks and balls, a wooden obstacle course, small chairs, and a table. The Cub and Cubbies attendant also gave Reese coloring pages to color. She was helpful, and she also helped us reserve a timeslot for fish feeding and swimming.

Feed the Fishes at the Garden

For me, one of the highlights of Edsa Shangri-La is its lush garden and beautiful fountains. It is truly an oasis in the middle of the city.

Urban Oasis

Apart from giving guests a relaxing view and sound, this part of the garden is home to fish too. We timed the fish feeding before our swimming pool booking. We were allotted 15 minutes to feed fish. They provided the bread to feed the fish.

Play and Swim at the Pool

We were able to book 2 hours of use of swimming pools. As I have mentioned earlier, the activities in the hotel need to be planned and reserved. This is their way of limiting the number of guests using the amenities as part of the safety protocol.

We were able to book the ~3:30 pm to 5:30 pm slot. It was the perfect time to swim. As you can see, it was not hot at all.

There are three types of pools in Edsa Shangri-La. There is a large outdoor pool, a kiddie pool, and a slide pool. There is a lifeguard on standby for safety. We didn’t need it as my little girl is all geared up. 🙂

EDSA Shang Pool Large Outdoor Pool
Large Outdoor Pool

Most kids enjoyed the kiddie pool with the fountains, bucket load of the shower, and a mini playground.

Here’s the slide pool where Reese and her Dad stayed the most. They had the pool to themselves. The slide poo is meant for kids because it is just shallow. However, Reese could not try out the slide because they did not allow the use of the slide during that time. Even so, Reese liked it a lot!

Food at EDSA Shangri-La

We had the option to dine in the restaurants within the hotel or order room service. In our case, we had our meals at the Edsa Shangri-La Mall at their Sky Garden. Perhaps, another blog for that. What do you think?

We did have our breakfast at the HEAT as part of our room package. My daughter ate for FREE because I was a Golden Circle member.

We were ushered to our table, where our plates and utensils were already set. They also include a pack of alcohol wipes for each guest.

Table Setting

We brought the plate with us as we went to the buffet area. As you can see, there are stickers on the floor again to guide the guest of social distancing. There are also glass barriers on the serving tables. So, unlike before that, we could get our own serving; we needed to hand over our plate and ask for the food.

The breakfast buffet had an assortment of pastries, dim sums, oats, fruits, and desserts. They had different variants (bacon, sausage, tapa, etc.) to pair with rice or bread. There was also an egg station where the eggs were cooked according to our liking.

Tips When Booking and Staying at the Edsa Shangri-La

Join the Shangri-La Golden Circle

Before booking, make sure you are a Shangri-La Golden Circle member to earn credits every time you stay at any Shangri-La hotel worldwide. Also, your 6-year-old and below kids can enjoy the buffet at any of the all-day dining venues. If you have kids seven years old and older, you can avail of a 50% discount for buffet meals.

Call the Customer Service to confirm room availability

I just learned that there could be available rooms even if the website says there aren’t. So don’t give up just yet. Instead, contact them through email or phone.

Bring socks

If you have young kids, you must go to the Cubs and Cubbies playroom. Socks are mandatory, so make sure to pack a pair or two.

Reserve your timeslots for activities ASAP

Since all the activities need prior booking, plan your activities ahead of time and make sure to book them right away.

If you want to know more about Edsa Shangri-La or check out the latest offers, you can reach them through:

Address: 1 Garden Way, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila

Contact Number: Toll-Free(63 2) 395 3356

Note: Please do not use or reproduce the photos without permission. Thank you!

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