Palacio de Memoria – A Feast for the Eyes and Palette

Palacio de Memoria Feature

Palacio de Memoria is a historical pre-war mansion within the vast property along Roxas Blvd. This seven-story mansion was originally two floors and was said to be commissioned by Antonio Melian y Pavia, third Count of Peracamps, for his bride Margarita Zóbel de Ayala.

According to their website, the mansion, which survived World War 2, was acquired by Dr. Francisco Villaroman. New floors were added to accommodate their growing family.

Eventually, the Lhuiller family bought the property in the 2000s. They restored the mansion and the grounds to what it is today.

At present, the mansion is home to elegant and cultural art pieces and furniture. Recently, it was awarded the NCCA’s 2021 Heritage Award for Adaptive Reuse category.

What to Expect When You Visit Palacio de Memoria

Walk-ins are allowed for self-guided tours, while prior bookings are required for guided tours.

We went on a Saturday, and we were able to get the self-guided tickets at the venue itself.

After paying for the tickets, the staff handed us a booklet that had a brief history and introduction to the place.

Palacio De Memoria From the Side
Palacio De Memoria From the Side

Extensive collection of furniture and artwork at the mansion

We headed into the mansion and noted that even before entering, there was already an attractive display of furniture and decorative pieces.

Outside the Entrance of the Palacio de Memoria
Outside the Entrance of the Palacio de Memoria

Since it was a self-guided tour, we were free to roam around and decide which we wanted to see first.

Here’s a glimpse of what we found on the ground floor.

After visiting the different rooms on the ground floor, we headed upstairs through the grand staircase.

As you can see, the walls by the staircase were filled with paintings.

The second floor has the receiving area and the Villaroman Function Room.

Having fun at the Villaroman Function Room Podium
Having fun at the Villaroman Function Room Podium
Lift at the Palacios de Memoria

Quick trivia. This is not the original elevator of Palacio De Memoria. They had to replace the old one because it was stolen.

After viewing the second floor, we went to the balcony for some fresh air and more photos.

Airplanes on Display on the Palacio de Memoria Garden

The airplanes parked on the lawn were attention grabbers!

There was only one airplane that we were able to enter.

The airplane’s interior, Mosphil, looked like an elegant man cave for me, with liquors on the tray, maroon hues, and leather seats. My daughter enjoyed this part of the tour. You can judge it by the photos we have taken.

Trivia: Mosphil Aero was an airline based in Makati that operated from 2005 to 2006. Its domestic and cargo services traveled the Zamboanga – Sandakan – Kota Kinabalu Route.

Now, it is known as the Mosphil Lounge.

More history and artifacts at the Palacio De Memoria Museum and Chapel

The last leg of the tour was the Museum and Chapel. It had a ground floor and a loft.

The ground floor had a section displaying photos of the Palacio De Memoria.

Series of photos showing the history of Palacio De Memoria

Further inside the ground floor were numerous religious paintings and artifacts.

Ground Floor of the Museum
Ground Floor of the Museum
The Loft at the Museum
The Loft at the Museum

Lush trees and outdoor seating in the Garden

Tall trees, green grass, and healthy plants surrounded the mansion. There were also outdoor seats by the Mosphil and at the back and sides of the mansion.

That's the Mosphil Aero at my back
That’s the Mosphil Aero at my back

Delicious meal at The Loggia by Margarita Forès

After the tour, we walked towards The Loggia by Margarita Forès on the other side of the mansion.

Margarita Forès is a renowned Filipina Chef and owns Italian restaurants such as Cibo.

The Loggia by Margarita Forès alfresco dining is perfect for weekend brunch, dates, and family celebrations.

The Loggia by Margarita Forès Dining Area
The Loggia by Margarita Forès Dining Area
More outdoor space
More outdoor space

There were also a fountain and waterfalls around the restaurant.

For lunch, we ordered Fried Squash Flowers with Mascarpone foam and Insalata Mista for appetizers.

Our Appetizers from The Loggia
Our Appetizers from The Loggia by Margarita Forès

For mains, we had Fritto Halibut and Parpadelle with asparagus, prosciutto, and truffle cream.

The Lechon you see was a special menu option during the weekend we visited.

Our lunch at The Loggia by Margarita Forès
Our lunch at The Loggia by Margarita Forès

Their menu is also available on the Palacio De Memoria website.

Palacio De Memoria Rates

As of June 2022, here are the rates:

  • PHP 300.00 for adults
  • PHP 240.00 for students
  • PHP 214.00 for Seniors/PWD
  • PHP 1,250.00 or 1,800.00 for Tour & Dine
  • PHP 12,500.00 for Tour & Dine (10 pax)

For guided tours, the rate is PHP 600 per person.

The guided tour is 1.5 hours, and prior booking is required.

Check out Palacio de Memoria’s latest rates here.

Palacio de Memoria Details

Address: 95 Roxas Boulevard Barangay Tambo, Parañaque City

Contact Details : (+63) 9977998187 | (02) 8253-3994




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