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After checking out from Edsa Shangri La, we headed towards the city of Manila. The next stop on our staycation trip was at Conrad Manila. But first, we went to Lakbay Museo to experience the attraction before checking in to the hotel. If you want to see the highlights of our experience, check out this Instagram Reel.

Now, let’s go back to our Conrad Manila stay.

Booking and Reservation at Conrad Manila

Apart from the standard confirmation email generated from their booking system, I also received a separate email detailing the requirements for the stay. Always read it to have all the needs before checking in.

Check-In at Conrad Manila

My husband dropped us and our luggage off at the Conrad driveway. The concierge assisted us with our things promptly.

Here are some reminders as posted before entering Conrad Manila.

  • The dress code is Smart Casual or Business Attire only
  • A face mask is required at all times. Note: Face Shield is no longer necessary.
  • A Health Declaration form is required. I filled up the form in the QR code.
Conrad Manila Reminders before Entering the Hotel
Conrad Manila Reminders before Entering

All bags went into the X-ray machine. Here’s something cool I noticed. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen one in any hotel. The monitor showed the temperature of the people in the video.

Conrad Manila Lobby Security and Health Check
Conrad Manila Lobby Security and Health Check

We went to the 3rd Level to check in. As soon as the elevator opened, a lady greeted us and pointed us to the reception. There was always someone manning the lobby entrance. They always pressed the elevator button for us whenever we went in and out of the hotel.

We arrived at 2 PM, an hour earlier than the standard check-in time, but we were able to check-in. I was asked to present my and my husband’s vaccination cards as part of their requirement.

Conrad Manila Reception
Conrad Manila Reception

While I was in the reception, the kids went around to take some photos. These were taken last December, so there were still Christmas decors on display. The lobby was elegantly decorated with functional pieces and silver decors.

Conrad Manila Display with Carrie
Conrad Manila Display with Carrie
Conrad Manila Lobby at Night
Conrad Manila Lobby at Night

Room – Panorama Bay View (King-Sized Bed) of Conrad Manila

From the lobby, we headed to the lift.

Conrad Manila Elevator
Conrad Manila Elevator

There were stickers on the elevator floor to guide us to our place. Only four people were allowed at a time.

Our bedroom door had a Hilton Clear Stay sticker. It is an assurance that our room has been sanitized and cleaned before our stay. It also means that nobody has entered our room since it was cleaned. Otherwise, the perforated middle section of the sticker would be broken.

The Bedroom

The room came with the standard closet for storage. There were two robes, bedroom slippers, and shoe shine on the first cabinet while the second cabinet had shelves with a safety box. Lastly, the third cabinet had an iron board and flat iron. It also had an umbrella, which is not common in other hotels we stayed in.

Walking further inside the room, we saw a stand-alone cabinet. When we opened the cabinet, we found that it had an electric kettle, mini-ref, Nespresso, drinking and wine glasses.

Conrad Refreshment Nook
Refreshment Nook

Here’s what we had for our hot drinks. There were four Nespresso pods, Dilmah teas with assorted sweeteners.

Conrad Manila's Coffee and Tea Selection
Conrad Manila’s Coffee and Tea Selection

Here was our King-Sized Bed with special gifts for us. The bed was a bit wrinkled because my daughter had already sat on it. Parents, you understand how excited kids can get. 😉

King-sized Bed

Say Hello to Carey, who was wearing a mask. Cute, right? Beside him was the hygiene kit, which contained a surgical mask, two hand sanitizers, and a disinfectant wipe.

Carey the Carabao and Hygiene Kit
Carey the Carabao and Hygiene Kit

Conrad Manila also gave us a chocolate cupcake that my daughter finished in a jiff.

Our welcome cupcake from Conrad Manila

This photo does not show, but this was where we found a sweet treat and note waiting for us.

Work Desk
Work Desk

Of course, the highlight of our room was the view of Manila Bay. Funny though, the kids didn’t notice the sea as they were busy looking at the thrill rides, people, and cars.

The Bathroom

Our bathroom was clean and had an ample supply of toiletries. One thing that I found as extra was the mouthwash, which typically other hotels do not have.

Conrad Manila Amenities and Activities

Play and Swim at the Pool

As part of the new normal protocols, guests were required to book their pool use. Like Edsa Shangri La, we were able to book 2 hours of use of swimming pools. The pools have an area for kids to swim and an area for the adults to lounge or swim laps.

We were able to book the ~4:00 pm to 6:00 pm slot. The weather was perfect! We also loved the temperature of the water. We didn’t feel cold, and we enjoyed our swim.

Conrad Manila Swimming Pool
Conrad Manila Swimming Pool

Lounging and swimming at the pool became more magnificent by the sunset. Look how beautiful the pool and hotel were with the warm lights on and the hues of the sunset.

Night swimming at Conrad Manila

We were able to book another time the following morning around 9 am. It was warmer that time, but we didn’t mind because the pool water was refreshing.

Conrad Manila Kid's Pool
Conrad Manila Kid’s Pool

Dining Options at Conrad Manila

Conrad Manila has three restaurants, which are on the 3rd Level. We were able to try them all, and here are our dining experiences.

C Lounge

We had our very late lunch at C Lounge right after checking into our room. We initially planned to eat at China Blue, but because we came around 2:30 PM, they didn’t let us in anymore. They recommended for we head over to the C Lounge because we can still order food from China Blue and eat it there.

Most of the tables were low because C Lounge is best for meetings with coffee or tea. So, we sat at the counter with high chairs by their wine selection.

C Lounge
C Lounge

We wanted the full China Blue experience, so we decided to order food from the Clounge to try its food too. Unfortunately, the food took so long to be served. We waited for an hour to get everything we ordered.

For appetizers, we enjoyed the freshness of the Caesar Salad with prawns. For mains, we had steak, which was tender. I also like that they serve it with brown rice. Finally, the kids had the Ham Pineapple Pizza to share. We requested them to remove the pineapples from one-half of the pizza because the kids do eat it.

I ordered the Cocoa MilkShake because it was made from almond milk (healthier cheat? 😉 ). The kids shared orange juice, but unfortunately, they did not like it.

Will we go back to C Lounge? Maybe yes, but we will go there for an afternoon tea instead of eating a full meal.

Brasserie on 3

Our room included free buffet breakfasts at the Brasserie, and we headed there after our morning swim.

Brasserie Entrance
Brasserie Entrance

There are ample tables and chairs inside Brasserie, but we opted to sit in their Alfresco area.

We had the whole area to ourselves, and we enjoyed the cool breeze and the view of Manila Bay and the SM MOA Eye.

Brasserie Alfresco Dining
Brasserie Alfresco Dining

Here are some of the breakfast selections that they served. They had different bread, yogurts, fresh juices, and salad. Also, there was a Filipino station with chicken adobo, dating na bangus, dried fish, pork longanisa, and vegetable lumpia, and a Continental station with bacon, sausages, has browns, and baked beans. In addition, there was station an iron and griddle plate station where they cooked pancakes, waffles, and french toast per request.

My favorite station is the Egg station. Apart from the usual omelet, sunny side up, and scrambled egg, they can cook shakshuka, eggs benedict, poached, or boiled. So many options!

My hubby had French toast while had I Shakshuka and we both loved it!

I also appreciate that they cooked a special batch of pork lumpia for my daughter. They only had vegetable lumpia from the buffet station. When the chef learned my daughter wanted pork lumpia, they made one for her. My daughter was so happy! As you know, Lumpia is life!

China Blue by Jereme Leung

We’ve heard many good reviews about China Blue by Jereme Leung, and we knew we could not leave Conrad Manila without dining here. We had high expectations since it is an award-winning restaurant.

China Blue by Jereme Leung
China Blue

After inquiring at the reception, we were promptly ushered into our table. The restaurant’s interior reflects its traditional but modern vibe.

We were seated at a round table by the glass windows. We had the view of the clear skies and the SM MoA Eye.

Best Table in China Blue
Best Table in China Blue

Look how pretty the plate was.

China Blue Plate Setting
China Blue Plate Setting

Because we were still full from our late breakfast, we ordered something light from the menu.

My top 3 from what we ordered would be:

  1. House Specialty Black and Gold Egg Custard Buns – A unique take on dessert. These elegantly designed buns have sweet buns complemented with the salty custard inside.

2. Steamed House Specialty Truffle Mushroom Buns – Each bun looked like a mushroom which was so cool. The bun was soft and was filled with delicious mushrooms.

3. Crispy Fried Shrimp with Wasabi and Mango Salsa – It was as yummy as it looked!

Checking Out from Conrad Manila

We tried to avail of the late check out, but we were only given an extra thirty minutes. Before we left the room, we received a sweet treat. Not sure if this was a mistake because it says “Happy Honeymoon.” Nevertheless, my daughter didn’t mind and ate it anyway.

Free dessert before Check out
Free treat before Checkout

Tips When Staying at Conrad Manila

Join the Hilton Honors

Hilton Honors gives members discounted rates to all Hilton hotels around the world. Each overnight stay is equivalent to points, which you can use for a free night stay and more. You can check out their website to see the complete list of benefits.

Reserve your timeslots for activities ASAP

Since all the activities need prior booking, plan your activities ahead of time and make sure to book them right away.

Visit the attractions and restaurants nearby.

Conrad Manila is connected to S Maison mall to check out the different attractions and restaurants there. You can check out Lakbay Museo or Dessert Museum for more fun activities.

Mall of Asia and SM by the Bay Amusement Park is a short walking distance, which can be an option.

If you want to know more about Conrad Manila or check out the latest offers, you can reach them through:

Address: Seaside Boulevard, Coral Way, Pasay City, Metro Manila

Contact Number: Toll-Free(63 2) 8833 9999

Note: Please do not use or reproduce the photos without permission. Thank you!

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