Cebu Travel Guide: La Vie Parisienne

The sweet sight of colorful macarons lined up, a collection of wine, and a selection of cheeses and sausages welcome the guests of La Vie Parisienne. No need to travel to Europe to experience Parisian life. La Vie Parisienne wanted to enhance the overall dining experience through a stunning environment. The warm lighting, vintage furniture,Continue reading “Cebu Travel Guide: La Vie Parisienne”

Cebu Travel Guide: Sirao Pictorial Garden

After visiting the famous Temple of Leah, we headed to the Sirao Pictorial Garden. The plan was to visit the original Sirao Garden, but we ended up at the Sirao Pictorial Garden. The two gardens are nearby, but you must drive further to reach the original Sirao Garden. What to Expect from Sirao Pictorial Garden?Continue reading “Cebu Travel Guide: Sirao Pictorial Garden”

Palacio de Memoria – A Feast for the Eyes and Palette

Palacio de Memoria is a historical pre-war mansion within the vast property along Roxas Blvd. This seven-story mansion was originally two floors and was said to be commissioned by Antonio Melian y Pavia, third Count of Peracamps, for his bride Margarita Zóbel de Ayala. According to their website, the mansion, which survived World War 2,Continue reading “Palacio de Memoria – A Feast for the Eyes and Palette”

Found Seoul in Rizal: Glamping at Seoul Stay

We wanted to try out camping in a tent but couldn’t give up the little luxuries from home. So, we decided to go glamping instead. When I was researching places for glamping, Seoul Stay popped up. The photos enticed us to give it a try. Here’s how our trip went. Booking and Reservation at SeoulContinue reading “Found Seoul in Rizal: Glamping at Seoul Stay”

Staycation at Conrad Manila

After checking out from Edsa Shangri La, we headed towards the city of Manila. The next stop on our staycation trip was at Conrad Manila. But first, we went to Lakbay Museo to experience the attraction before checking in to the hotel. If you want to see the highlights of our experience, check out thisContinue reading “Staycation at Conrad Manila”

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