The Gingerbread House: Where it is Christmas All-Year-Round

The Gingerbread House Feature Post

Christmas is my favorite season of the year. I love the vibrant decors, jolly songs, and sparkling lights. If only it could be Christmas all year long; that would be such a treat. Well, it’s now possible because it’s Christmas 365 days a year at the Gingerbread House.

The Gingerbread House

The Gingerbread House is located in Alfonso, Cavite. Kids and the kids-at-heart are welcome to enjoy their instagrammable areas, dine in the Gingerbread House restaurant, and play at the playground. Apart from the huge Gingerbread House and Candy Village, guests may also enjoy nature in the Green Pastures area.

The Gingerbread House Rates

Here are the rates:

Gingerbread House Packages

Entrance Fee: Adult: P150 Kids: P100 Seniors and PWD: P120

Inclusions: Access to the Candy Village and Gingerbread House

Other Packages

Dreamy Tent: P699

Inclusions: Access to the Candy Village, Gingerbread House, Green Pastures, 3 hours stay at the Dreamy Tent, and muffins with refreshing drinks.

Garden Picnic: P699

Inclusions: Access to the Candy Village, Gingerbread House, and Green Pastures, and curated picnic snacks(chips/cookies and refreshing drinks)

Lavender Walk P349

Inclusions: Access to the Candy Village, Gingerbread House, and Green Pastures, a photo op at the Lavender walk, and a refreshing Lavender Peppermint drink)

Sunflower Mini Garden Walk P349

Inclusions: Access to the Candy Village, Gingerbread House, and Green Pastures, a photo op at the sunflower garden, and a refreshing Lemon Yakult drink)

Areas and Activities Inside the Ginger Bread House

On the way to the ticket booth, we passed by this Gingerbread House wall. It was a cheery glimpse of what was waiting for us.

The Gingerbread House Wall Outside
The Gingerbread House Wall Outside


We went inside the bakery and shop to buy the tickets. Warning! The bakery/shop has a lot of toys and goodies inside so better set your kid’s expectation if they can or cannot buy things. 🙂

Pasalubong Treats
Pasalubong Treats

My husband and I availed of the Lavender walk and Sunflower Mini Garden packages which enabled us to see and experience the property. The staff suggested the smores kit package for our daughter. Good thing she mentioned it because it was not in the posted prices.

After paying, the staff placed stamps on our arms. We all had two sets which meant we had access to the Gingerbread House and the Green Pastures area.

If you are curious to see what’s inside the Gingerbread House, continue reading this blog post. I’ll give you a walkthrough of the areas we saw and the activities that you can enjoy too.

The GingerBread House Area

Here’s the guide map of the Gingerbread House.

Gingerbread House Property Map
Gingerbread House Property Map

Dream Catcher

Our first stop was the Dream Catcher area. We passed through silver strings to enter a covered area and saw the fun and colorfully decorated walls. Here are some photos we took in the eye-candy setups.

Right beside the photo walls was the wall of dreamcatchers. The wooden rectangular chips you see hanging from the wall were dream boards hung by the guests. You can buy the dream board for P20. You can write your dreams on it and then hang them on the wall.

Gingerbread House - Dreamcatching wall
Gingerbread House – Dreamcatching wall

Apart dream boards, there were also dreamcatchers with prices ranging from P 20 to P150 and different DIY activity sets like the DIY Melt and Pour Soap Kit, DIY Perfume Making Kit, and DIY Candle Making Kit.

Candy Village

After the DreamCatcher area, we went straight to the Candy Village. This is where we spent most of our time because our daughter enjoyed playing in the outdoor playground.

There were tables and chairs around so the parents can sit or eat while waiting for their kids.

Gingerbread House - Candy Village Play Area
Gingerbread House – Candy Village Play Area
Bobby and Betty Houses

Gingerbread House

That is one yummy-looking house! The Gingerbread House is actually a 2 -floor restaurant building with Christmas-themed decors and treats inside. You can check out their menu on their FB account.

Rainbow World

Rainbow World has an indoor playground and toy vending machine. We didn’t get the chance to go inside because we didn’t have enough time.

To enter, you will need to pay P80 for 20 minutes of playtime.

Rainbow World in Candy Village

Fish Spa

Another attraction within the Candy Village was the Fish Spa. For P50, guests can sit down, relax, and let the fish do their thing.

More Photo walls

There were vibrant and quirky photo walls in the Candy Village. More souvenir photos!

Mini Museum

The mini-museum has even more Christmas decors and a miniature Christmas village.

Gingerbread House - Mini Museum
Gingerbread House – Mini Museum

Candy Hall

The candy hall has food carts, tables chairs, and kiddie rides.

Gingerbread House - Candy Hall
Gingerbread House – Candy Hall

Souvenir Shop

Just before the exit, there is a Souvenir shop with toys and treats.


While my daughter was playing in the outdoor playground, I went to the Gingerfield to check it out. This area had a food kiosk, multiple tables and chairs, swings, and mini-waterfalls.

There were plants and herbs for sale too!

Green Pastures

From Gingerfield, we crossed a bridge and we were welcomed by the Green Pastures staff. Only those who got the Lavender Walk, Sunflower Mini Garden, Smores, Dreamy Tent, and Garden Picnic packages can enter the Green Pastures area.

Green Pasture - Purple Flower

After a quick orientation from the Green Pastures staff, we went up the curvy and cemented path. Along the way, we found pretty flower chairs and of course, we had to take pictures there.

We then found the beautiful dreamy tent and garden picnic setups waiting for the guests that reserved them.

The setups were off-limits, but we found other picture-worthy areas within the Green Pastures.

First, there was a wooden door with floral trimmings.

Lots of running space. Look at that door!

The second was the Lavender walk.

Third, there were beautiful day beds and seats around the area.

Fourth is the mini-sunflower garden.

All that walking and picture-taking made us thirsty and so we went ahead to the snack area to claim our free drinks and smores kit.

This kiosk also sells other snacks and drinks.

While waiting for our drinks to be served, I tried the swing while my daughter spent time going back and forth on the wooden plank.

After 5-10 minutes of waiting, we finally got to enjoy the drinks and smores.

Other Tips

  • Wear lightweight and comfortable clothes.
  • Walk-ins are allowed, but try to come in early especially during the summertime.
  • Allot 2 to 4 hours to maximize your visit.
  • Photoshoot packages are available so you might want to avail of it for your prenup or birthday pictorials.

How To Get There

Public Transportation:

  • Take any bus en route to Nasugbu or Balayan Batangas (San Augustine or DLTB or BEC or ER John, Selerosa Express)
  • Get off at Splendidio/Brgy. Upli Arch.
  • Take a tricycle and ask the driver to take you to The Gingerbread House.

Private Transportation:

  • Type in The Gingerbread House in Waze and follow the directions.

The Gingerbread House Contact Details

Facebook: The Gingerbread House PH


Address: Palumlum Rd, Alfonso, Cavite

If you have any questions, please comment down below.

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