When in Lipa Visit The Old Grove Farmstead

Old Grove Farmstead

Before we headed to my hometown in Batangas for the New Year, we went for a stopover at Lipa City. If you are not familiar with Lipa, it is a city in the Batangas province. Lipa city sits at 312 above sea level, so its residents and guests can enjoy a cooler climate and breeze, especially during the BER months. The weather can get really cold, sometimes reaching 21 degrees Celsius.

Okay, back to our trip. Our first plan of the day was to visit the Old Grove Farmstead.

Old Grove Farmstead’s Booking and Reservation

I inquired through the Old Grove Farmstead’s Facebook page.   They provided all the information to set the expectations of the day tour guests. Here’s what we needed to know –

  • Walk-in guests are not allowed.
  • All guests must book their meals to tour the property freely.
  • Guests can choose from breakfast, lunch, and breakfast meals.
  • A 50% down payment is required to book the meal and tour.
  • The cut-off for reservation is 7 PM.
  • Make sure to provide the following details: Name, Date, Meal, Number of Guests (indicate the age of kids), Contact #, Email
  • Mode of payment is through bank transfer (BPI and BDO)

Old Grove Farmstead strictly abides with the alert level protocols so that requirements may change depending on the levels for a given duration.

I booked breakfast meals for the family. Our slots were reserved after providing the details and paying the down payment.

Day Trip at Old Grove Farmstead

Old Grove Farmstead Sign
Old Grove FarmsteadSign

We arrived around 8:00 AM. Before heading to the Harvest Café, we dropped by the Windmill Front Office to settle our remaining balance.

Old Grove Farmstead Windmill Office
Old Grove Farmstead Windmill Office

The weather was gloomy, with occasional drizzles when we came. It made it extra colder, and honestly, we were not dressed appropriately. So here’s a reminder always to check the weather forecast and bring an extra jacket if you are visiting around September to January.

After parking, we walked to the alfresco area with many tables and chairs.

Harvest Cafe Al fresco Dining
Harvest Cafe Alfresco Dining

Because it was so cold and windy, our option was to either eat at the porch or inside the Harvest Café.

Old Grove Farmstead Porch
Old Grove Farmstead Porch

Believe it or not, it was warmer inside the air-conditioned room than the porch. So we decided to eat indoors instead.

Harvest Café is a cute purple home with five sets of tables for dining inside. In addition, they have around four or more tables at the porch and a lot more at the alfresco space.

While waiting for our food, we checked out the other parts of the restaurant. Here are photos of Harvest Cafe’s beautiful interior.

Here are the meals we ate for breakfast. The adult meals included a refillable Kapeng Barako. The servings of the meals were more than enough to fuel us with the activities we were about to do.

Here’s the Old Grove Farmstead menu for your reference.

Family-Friendly Activities at the Old Grove Farmstead

After our heavy meal at the Harvest Café, we decided to start our adventure. There is a vast area for the kids to run around just outside the cafe. We followed the pathway and found a wishing well. Of course, we couldn’t resist taking a photo with it.

Wishing Well
Wishing Well

Walking Around Old Grove Farmstead

We walked forward along with the garden with flowers on the side. Eventually, we found a small greenhouse where they grow their lettuce. We peeked and then moved along with our tour.

We saw a cage with birds who could freely fly around and return to the cage. 

One of the Bird Cages
One of the Bird Cages

Towards the end of the pathway, there was a very tall water tank. I’ve seen photos of other guests climbing it, but we did not go up the water tank anymore.

Tall Water Tank
Tall Water Tank

We walked the path until we saw another way leading to the aviary. Look at this cute bluebird that was one of the birds inside the cage.

Apart from different kinds of birds, they also have snakes!

After watching the different animals, we crossed the hanging bridge that connects the Harvest Café Garden to the other side, where the ducks are. My daughter bravely walked on the bridge. No need to worry. The hanging bridge was well-maintained and sturdy.

Hanging Bridge
Hanging Bridge

My daughter excitedly ran towards the lake where the ducks were. My husband had to go back to the Windmill Front Office to buy the feeds for the ducks and sheep. While waiting, we stayed under the tree with a rubber swing hanging.   Oh, that swing brings nostalgic memories of my childhood. We all tried it, and it was as easy as I remember it to be 😉

Animal Feeding at the Old Grove Farmstead

Now that we had the feeds, we went straight to the sheep’s pen. As we walked, the flock of sheep followed us. Look at the flock of sheep patiently waiting to be fed.

My daughter enjoyed every bit of the activity.

After we finished feeding the sheep, we went back to the lake to feed the ducks this time. 

There was a small port where people could position to feed the backs. It was relaxing to see the ducks swimming towards us in groups.

Resting after the feedings
Resting after the feedings

Have Fun at the Playground

Old Gove Farmstead has a vast playground that kids would love. It has slides, monkey bars, swings, tire obstacle course, and more!

Playground from afar
Playground from afar

Picture Taking

Photos preserve happy memories, and Old Grove Farmstead has many beautiful places to take pictures. Here are some ideas.

By the lake
By the lake

We loved our day trip to Old Grove Farmstead.  Here’s an IG reel I made with my daughter.

P.S. They also have overnight accommodations that grant access to the swimming pool.

Swimming pool and cabins for Overnight guests
Swimming pool and cabins for Overnight guests

If you want to book for a day trip or overnight stay, reserve the place for an event, or to know more information  about  Old Grove Farmstead, check these out:

Website: https://www.theoldgrovefarmstead.ph

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheOldGroveFarmstead

Instagram: The Old Grove Farmstead (@theoldgrovefarmstead) • Instagram photos and videos

Email Address: inquiries@theoldgrove.ph

Contact Number: +639178952829

If you have any comments or feedback, please feel free to write it on the comment section. 🙂

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